Ralph’s Story

Tales from a Crazy, Wonderful Life

Uncle Ralph is one of the most adored personalities in the Bronner family. Known for his songs and stories, Ralph spent many years touring the country spreading folklore and sharing soap with all who would listen and receive.

Ralph Bronner was the first son of Dr. Emanuel Bronner, and he helped to carry on spreading the Bronner philosophy, while adding his own touch to the brand and its legacy. The subject of Sarah Lamm’s Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soapbox film, Ralph was known for carrying out his father’s messages of hope for a unified world, and for continuing to lead Dr. Bronner’s on the progressive path it is most known for pioneering.

Below you will find video of dozens of stories and jokes as told by Ralph. Anyone who has met Ralph knows he was “not normal,” as he liked to say. If he were normal, the progressive values held by the company he helped to build would have been abandoned years ago.

Ralph told these true and fantastic stories about his life to audiences across the country over many years. The versions here were recorded in 2007 in Ralph’s home office in Menominee Falls, Wisconsin. The stories give you a chance to intimately hear Ralph in his own words talk about his dad, the company and our amazing customers.

Ralph numbered his stories for many years to keep them organized, so when they were told in public he could hand out a sheet with a number next to the name of the story. We’ve listed the stories by number in the same way here. We hope you enjoy Uncle Ralph’s stories …