Love, justice, and other progressive business practices

Dr. Bronner’s caps the total compensation of the highest-paid employees executives at five times that of the lowest-paid fully-vested position, and there is no difference between the benefits offered to company leaders and those offered to every single benefit-eligible employee.

All employees receive 10% of their salary paid annually into a retirement/profit-sharing plan, up to 10% of their salary as a bonus, and a no-deductible PPO health insurance plan for their families—meaning we pay the 100% complete health premium and all deductibles so there’s no out-of-pocket cost for employees. We view health holistically, which is why we also provide for our employees daily organic vegan meals, dental, and vision.

We also cover half the cost of approved childcare venues up to a total of $7,500 for each family, infertility assistance, pet insurance, toastmasters training, and a $1,000 rebate for purchase of an electric vehicle. Our philosophy: treat employees as we would treat our sisters and brothers—create a healthy environment and programs that encourage personal wellbeing and growth—promote from within whenever possible—give employees every opportunity to thrive and take pride in their contributions to the broader world community through their work at Dr. Bronner’s. 

Finally, Dr. Bronner's is a dog-friendly workplace for office employees!

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