Castile Soap 101: Guides, Resources & More

What Is Castile Soap? What Are Its Uses and Benefits?

Wondering what sets Castile soap apart from the rest? Castile soap is a multi-purpose cleaner that is made from vegetable oils and doesn’t contain animal fats. Its composition allows it to safely be used for body and home cleaning. It comes in liquid and bar form and is vegan-friendly. Learn more!

Dilutions Cheat Sheet for Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soap

Here’s a quick reference on how much to dilute Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Soap for all of your cleaning needs. You may want to use more than the specified amount if what you’re cleaning is really dirty or your water is really hard. Learn more in this ultimate guide!

Use Less Plastic! Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Soap Refill

You asked for less plastic, and we listened! Refill with the same beloved plant-based, ultra-concentrated, and versatile soap, made with only the purest organic and fair trade ingredients—now in packaging even gentler on the planet!

Castile Bar Soap Dilutions & Usage Guide

Not only does Dr. Bronner's Castile Bar Soap have all the benefits of its liquid counterpart, but it's nearly as versatile as well. In this guide, we cover the basics of using it for home and body care as well as some creative uses you may not have thought of!

Skin Care with Dr. Bronner's

Learn the best uses of Dr. Bronner's Castile soap for skin! Do you find yourself cycling through numerous skin products to no avail? Find out how to treat acne, redness, and eczema. Plus, check out guides on the best soap for allergies and sensitive skin,

A Definitive Guide to Using Dr. Bronner’s as a Natural Shampoo

Washing your hair with the soap that cleans everything may require a bit of tinkering to get right when using as shampoo. Your results will largely depend on your hair type and the water you're using. In this article, learn the basic concepts and check out some troubleshooting tips as well.

Shaving with Dr. Bronner's

Shaving is a personal ritual that can significantly impact the health and appearance of your skin. Dr. Bronner’s Organic Shaving Soaps (as well as our other soaps) provide a superior shaving experience that will leave your skin nourished, smooth, and free of any irritation.

Castile Soap vs. Sugar Soap – What's the Difference?

While our Pure-Castile Soap gets most of the spotlight, you might have also come across another one of our body care products: Organic Sugar Soap! Wondering why we offer another soap alongside the versatile and comprehensive Castile? Find out what sets it apart from Castile Soap in this guide!

Cleaning Outdoor Gear with Dr. Bronner's

Dr. Bronner's is perfect for cleaning your outdoor gear and won't lead to rust or degradation. Check out tips on how to clean your bike, snowboards, skis, surfboards, and several other common outdoor sporting items.

Using Dr. Bronner’s as a Pet Shampoo for Dogs, Cats & More!

Washing pets with Dr. Bronner’s is fun and simple (depending on how much your pet enjoys baths!). Our Castile soap is known as a "true soap" that contains none of the synthetics typically found in other pet soaps & shampoos. Check out this guide for tips and tricks on washing pets of all kinds!

How to Make Your Own Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soap Scent

Maybe the most common question we get asked by our passionate customers is if we're going to release [fill-in-the-blank] scented Castile Soap. But did you know that it’s quick and easy to make your own liquid Pure-Castile Soap scent? Find out how!

Is Castile Soap Antibacterial?

Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soap is not technically antibacterial but for good reason. Antibacterial soap is often unnecessary and can harm your skin and immune system. Castile soap provides all the cleansing benefits without disrupting your skin's natural balance.