Community Betterment, Health, Housing, & Homelessness 

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Dr. Bronner’s is dedicated to supporting projects that make a concrete difference in people’s lives and communities ranging from youth empowerment programs to combatting poverty and homelessness focusing on San Diego County. Since Jim and Trudy Bronner moved to San Diego to join the family business, Dr. Bronner’s has given over $7 million to over 100 local nonprofits, with a focus on serving youth, families, and unhoused people, and uplifting local environmental sustainability efforts.  

We are also committed to our local community through our Magic Foam Experience — a team of people devoted to spreading joy through foam. The team was created in honor of Jim Bronner, who invented an industry-standard firefighting foam concentrate in the 1980s and later modified it into “SnoFoam” for Hollywood sets and backyard parties. We bring the Magic Foam Experience—usually accompanied by our Magic Fire Truck—to celebrate and get clean with adults and children alike: through mud runs, music festivals, pride parades, to disadvantaged youth at after school programs, homeless shelters, to elementary and middle schools in San Diego County. 

Read on to learn more about a few of the amazing organizations we support! 

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego (BGCGSD) 

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Originally a small Connecticut organization serving boys roaming the streets of Hartford, there are now Boys and Girls Clubs around the nation supporting children and teens of all races, faiths, gender and socio-economic background, ensuring that they have a safe, positive and inclusive environment to become caring and responsible adults. We have supported the Clubs of Greater San Diego since the 1990s when we donated an inherited local tract of land worth $1.4 million. 

Humanity Showers

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Humanity Showers was started by Jordan Verdin, who had been documenting the lives of unhoused people and identified two critical needs within the community: to be seen and to be clean. To this end, the nonprofit works to uplift people experiencing homelessness by sharing their stories and challenging the stigma surrounding them, and by implementing a 100% volunteer mobile shower project providing over 2,000 showers per month in San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles Counties. As part of our support, our Magic Foam Experience team tows the shower trailers to certain locations and events each week. 

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