Salted Dark Chocolate
Salted Dark - Dark Chocolate Bars
Salted Dark - Dark Chocolate Bars
Salted Dark - Dark Chocolate Bars
Salted Dark - Dark Chocolate Bars
Salted Dark - Dark Chocolate Bars

Salted Dark - Dark Chocolate Bars

World’s First Regenerative Organic Certified® Chocolate!

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Dark Chocolate Bars with Sea Salt - 6 Pack

Introducing the first Regenerative Organic Certified® chocolate! This certification guarantees that ingredients are cultivated in diverse and thriving ecosystems, employing eco-friendly farming techniques that reduce carbon emissions and elevate soil quality. Rich soil means delicious ingredients for an ethically-made, rich chocolate!

Great for baking and those who love their chocolate extra dark—all vegan, 70% cocoa, fair trade, organic, gluten free, sweetened with coconut sugar, and perfectly balanced!

The light sprinkling of sea salt crystals brings out the dark chocolate’s rich flavors, conjuring complex notes of dried fruit and sweet caramel, with a long-lasting roasted cocoa finish. Our Salted Dark Pack works best for dark chocolate recipes, especially for vegan and gluten-free bakers. Dr. Bronner’s chocolate nurtures special relationships between many different producers and farm communities around the world—West African cocoa grown using regenerative organic agriculture, award-winning Indonesian coconut sugar, Congolese cocoa butter, and Madagascan vanilla bean. We call that Magic.

Includes (6) Salted Dark Chocolate bars.

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Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt - Great for Vegan & Gluten-Free Recipes

Our organic & fair trade bundles make the perfect gift for dark chocolate lovers, or for stocking up on your favorite sweet treat. The rich, nutty, pure cocoa flavor is also great for vegan & gluten-free baking & cooking. Plus, don’t forget to reuse or recycle our bundle box made from 100% recycled paper. Check out our favorite vegan chocolate recipes

Made with Organic, Fair Trade Ingredients

Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Beans*, Fair Trade Organic Coconut Sugar*, Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter*, Sea Salt, Fair Trade Organic Bourbon Vanilla Bean

*Regenerative Organic Certified®

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