chocolate 101

Chocolate 101: Resources, Vegan Recipes & More

Magic All-One Chocolate

Yes, the "fighting soap company" also makes chocolate! Our dark and oat milk chocolate is vegan and sweetened with coconut sugar. We've paired Swiss chocolatiers with cocoa farmers treated fairly and who practice regenerative organic agriculture. Learn more about our organic, fair trade chocolate!
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What Is Fair Trade Chocolate?

If you've shopped around for quality chocolate before, you may have come across the phrase "fair trade." So what is fair trade chocolate? Put simply, it's chocolate that's been made using sustainable and ethical practices from its production up to purchase and ensures farmers are treated fairly.
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Is Chocolate Gluten Free?

Pure chocolate, whether it's dark, milk, or white, is gluten free. Nonetheless, in some cases, manufacturers incorporate gluten-containing ingredients for flavor variations. Therefore, it's important to be aware of what to seek when selecting your chocolate, as additives can differ.
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Does Chocolate Go Bad? Everything You Need to Know

While many chocolates retain their flavor for several months to years, the precise timeframe can vary depending on factors such as chocolate type, ingredients, and storage conditions. Chocolate has a long shelf life and greater resilience compared to many other perishable foods.
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How to Taste Chocolate Like a Connoisseur

Can I become a chocolate connoisseur? Yes! Being a connoisseur of chocolate simply involves developing a vocabulary that describes the flavors that you taste and the aromas that you smell. Check out this article for a comprehensive guide on becoming an expert on tasting chocolate like a connoisseur!
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Vegan Chocolate Recipes

Creating a line of fair trade, vegan chocolate gives us the opportunity to expand ethical supply chains and regenerative organic farming practices. Check out how our chocolate can be used for delicious vegan recipes from Kimi, our renown in-house chef!
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