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Looking for a Vegan Milk Chocolate? Learn About Dairy-Free Oat Milk Chocolate!

Are you a fan of milk chocolate but looking for a dairy-free alternative? Look no further! In this article we’ll cover everything you need to know about vegan milk chocolate, oat milk chocolate, and more.

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      How Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Are Different

      The magic ingredient in chocolate is the cocoa bean, which comes straight from a tree and is 100% vegan friendly. Once it's processed, the cocoa bean turns into cocoa powder, which can then be blended with cocoa butter and sugar to make delicious dark chocolate.

      But what if you're craving something other than the intense, bittersweet flavor found in dark chocolate? Many opt for milk chocolate instead—the addition of milk lends a creamy texture and a milder taste to the chocolate. But as soon as milk is added to the cocoa mix, the chocolate is no longer suitable for vegans. This also applies to chocolate that contains the following:

      • Whey (milk derivative)
      • Casein (milk derivative)
      • Lactose (milk derivative)
      • A cholesterol level greater than 0%, since this is only found in animal products

        Does Vegan Milk Chocolate Exist?

        Fear not! Vegan milk chocolate definitely exists! You can easily swap cow's milk for milk substitutes to achieve a taste and texture that's remarkably close to regular milk chocolate. Nut milk is very popular as a vegan alternative to cow's milk. Nut milk is made by simply straining the liquid from crushed nuts. Depending on the nut type, each milk carries its unique flavor profile. But what if you're not particularly fond of nutty flavors? Enter oat milk chocolate!

        What Is Oat Milk Chocolate?

        Oat Milk Chocolate 2023 37-2.jpg__PID:b9a78a99-d6c4-48f9-bbc0-fd493726b251Vegan chocolates made with oat milk are an excellent alternative to milk chocolate made with dairy or nuts. Oat milk chocolate has a natural creaminess, reminiscent of traditional milk chocolate.

        Oat milk tends to be milder than nut milks, which gives room for the cocoa bean flavor to come through. Because of the oats, many notice subtle hints of malty, cereal-like notes in the chocolate.

        Why Oat Milk Chocolate Is Great for Vegans and People with Allergies

        Oats are naturally dairy, lactose, soy, and nut free. As a dairy alternative ingredient in chocolate, it's a great choice for those dealing with dairy allergies, lactose intolerance, or those opting for dairy-free options due to ethical and environmental concerns. If you're steering clear of nuts oat milk chocolate is a great choice (as long as you choose a nut-free flavor).

        Oats are also naturally gluten-free, but you’ll want to make sure it’s not processed using the same equipment as products containing gluten. The key is to check the label to make sure it’s certified gluten free.

        Environmental Benefits of Oat Milk Chocolate

        Compared to cow’s milk, oat milk is significantly more environmentally friendly. To compare, it takes about 9.6 liters of water to make a glass of oat milk, compared to 125.6 liters to make one glass of dairy milk. Oat Milk also creates fewer greenhouse gas emissions, requires less land use, and does not contribute to animal exploitation [1].

        Does Dr. Bronner’s Make Oat Milk Chocolate?

        vegan milk chocolate - oat milk chocolateYes! After introducing our first seven dark chocolate flavors, we paid close attention to the feedback from the All-One! community, and one thing was clear – you wanted milk chocolate options! We were up for the challenge, and wanted to make sure that our milk chocolate was made with the highest quality ingredients, grown sustainably and regeneratively—the Dr. Bronner’s way!

        That's where oat milk comes into play. It adds a natural sweetness and creaminess to our Magic Oat Milk Chocolate, but with a significantly lower environmental footprint than a cow’s milk chocolate. In fact, oat milk stands out as an environmentally friendly choice compared to other popular dairy alternatives such as almond, coconut, and cashew milk.

        Variety Pack - Oat Milk Chocolate Bars

        Variety Pack - Oat Milk Chocolate Bars

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