Organic Integrity

Organic Standards Fighting for Truth and Integrity

Beginning in the 1940s, the world was flooded with cheaply-made synthetic products and ingredients, ranging from pesticides and food additives to detergents and plastics, all created in the laboratory largely from non-renewable petroleum. It was hailed as “Better Living Through Chemistry,” but unintended consequences included pollution of the air and water, deterioration of soil tilth and health, unhealthy and overly-processed foods, and synthetic ingredients in personal care products — more than a few with significant toxicity issues. In response, the organic movement over the last few decades has rejected the intensive synthetic inputs and processes used in conventional agriculture and food processing, recognizing that traditional methods and materials result in better soil, and improved human and environmental health.

Likewise, the organic philosophy rejects the highly-processed synthetic formulations of mainstream body care. Organic integrity in body care means an organic product is composed of certified organic ingredients produced with minimal processing in compliance with the USDA National Organic Program (NOP), the same program which is used to ensure the integrity of organic foods. Real organic personal care does not utilize synthetic preservatives that can irritate skin. Natural, unrefined oils and waxes are used as emollients and moisturizers, instead of hydrogenated oils and synthetic silicones. Traditional natural soaps are used in hand and body washes, instead of modern synthetic surfactants usually made in part with petrochemicals.

Dr. Bronner’s is fighting for a marketplace where organic consumers are not misled into purchasing bogus “synthetic-schlock” products masquerading as real certified organic personal care.


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    The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics is a coalition effort launched in 2004 to protect the health of consumers and workers by securing the corporate, regulatory and legislative reforms necessary to eliminate dangerous chemicals from cosmetics and personal care products.