The Icelandic Vegan Society

The Icelandic Vegan Society (Samtök grænkera á Íslandi) promotes animal welfare and rights through education programs and events, and through lobbying institutions and companies. Their popular annual Veganuary program provides weekly events, movie screenings, educational workshops, a political forum, and a varied entertainment program - all to help highlight the importance of embracing more compassionate and environmentally friendly lifestyles.

The Icelandic Vegan Society (Samtök grænkera á Íslandi)

Bronner’s Iceland supports The Icelandic Vegan Society to expand their Veganuary programming and further their reach. With veganism being an increasingly popular choice among young people in Iceland, The Icelandic Vegan Society fulfill an important role in helping people make more compassionate choices.

Dr. Bronner’s All-One Iceland funding year:

  • 2022
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