Dr. Bronner’s Constructive Capitalism, Activism, and Giving

Dr. Bronner’s exists to help make a better world. As a company we strive to make better products and produce them under better conditions than what’s currently the norm in our economic system. From our progressive employment practices to our fair trade and regenerative organic supply chains, we make equitable use of the resources we steward.

We ensure all the farmers and workers in our supply chains make a living wage and are able take care of their land and communities in a way that regenerates rural economies and promotes biodiverse farming ecosystems.

As the fighting soap company, we leverage organizational resources including finances, staff, and other means to advance progressive social change. We’ve fought to raise the minimum wage; reform our nation’s devastating drug policy; integrate psychedelic therapy to heal hearts and minds; expose and transform industrial agriculture to a model that is regenerative organic and fair; and to advance other important causes. We cap executive compensation at five times our lowest paid fully vested position, and dedicate all profits not needed for the company to organizations, campaigns, and people working for a better world. Call it philanthropy. Call it giving. Call it activism. For us, it’s a crucial part of putting our “All-One!” ethos into action.

We give through two primary vehicles — the company itself and our family foundation. 

Company Giving
Our company giving spans a variety of issue areas and concentrates on our core causes, which include: Regenerative Organic Agriculture, Animal Advocacy, Community Betterment, Criminal Justice Reform, Drug Policy Reform, and Fair Pay & Fair Trade. We support these causes through philanthropic programs and political campaigns, but they are also integrated into our culture across our brand. Our company giving spans the globe through our All-One International initiative, which is focused on philanthropy and advocacy outside of the United States. Donations made through the company make up the majority of our giving. We list recipients of our giving program in our All-One Report each year. Donations and grant requests by the company are considered by invitation only.
The Family Foundation
Dr. Bronner’s Family Foundation is an umbrella organization for philanthropic giving directed by members of the Bronner family and serves to facilitate select Dr. Bronner’s cause partnerships. The Migration Justice Initiative is the primary focus of the Foundation and exists to address the suffering, injustice, and human rights violations endured by refugees and migrants around the world. The Foundation is also a vehicle for other programs through which members of the Bronner family serve emergent needs in the world through charitable giving. Consideration of donations and grant requests by Dr. Bronner’s Family Foundation are by invitation only.
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