Return of The Plant: The Promise of Hemp

Hemp History Week is celebrating 10 years as the U.S.’s largest educational campaign about hemp, supported by grassroots organizers, leaders from the industry, farmers and hemp advocates. Hemp History Week was started by the Hemp Industries Association and pioneering hemp businesses like Dr. Bronner’s, Nutiva and Manitoba Harvest as a way of raising awareness around hemp and fighting for regulation that would allow for its farming and production. There is much to celebrate: this past January, the Farm Bill that... Continue Reading

All-One Nutty Trail Mix

Finding the Balance If you’re a hiker or camper, then you likely already have a love affair with trail mix. It’s easy to carry and it provides both fast-acting and long-lasting energy right when you need it. If you’re like us, you’re as likely to consume handfuls of the stuff in the course of a regular workday as you are out on the trail. A store-bought mix can be expensive and over-salted, preserved with ingredients you would rather avoid. Making... Continue Reading

Sun+Earth Certified: For the Land, For the People

The Righteous Way to Grow Cannabis Most everything we consume, including all our food, clothes and plant medicines like cannabis, are agricultural products. How we farm and produce these products determines what one-third of the earth’s surface and much of its population looks like. Pesticide- and herbicide-dependent chemical-industrial agriculture has created massive plantations and growing operations that destroy topsoil, pollute our water sources, displace rural communities, and destroy the livelihoods of small family farmers. Industrial ag has been a social... Continue Reading

Journey to Pavitramenthe

“Journey to Pavitramenthe highlights that Dr. Bronner’s is not just a brand name, it is a healing company. It not only walks its talk, it dances it, combining the highest regenerative agricultural practices with the fairest, kindest, social practices. I do not know of a company that does more per dollar for the earth and its people than Dr. Bronner’s,” – Paul Hawken, founder of Project Drawdown. We can stop being part of the problem, we can be part of the... Continue Reading

All-One Roasted Beet Salad

A Hearty, Filling Salad We love salads that are hearty enough to serve as a main course—salads that provide complete and balanced nutrition—salads that can satisfy a whole family! Though this All-One Roasted Beet Salad can always be served as part of a larger meal, it has everything it needs to stand on its own. A good salad is a mix of textures and flavors. Here, the roasted beets lend an earthy, soft sweetness—the walnuts provide a crunchy depth—the vegan... Continue Reading

Working for Our Right to Know the Truth

It’s not an appetizing idea—the fact that the food we eat and feed our children could be regularly laced with an array of insecticides, herbicides and other pesticides. But the sad and sometimes scary truth is that conventional agricultural practices leave traces of pesticides in many popular foods. Making matters more worrisome is the growing body of scientific research linking pesticide residues in food and water to human health problems. For decades, regulators have asserted that pesticides in food are... Continue Reading

Dr. Bronner’s for Acne-Prone Skin

Will Dr. Bronner’s help clear my skin? For anyone who suffers from acne a common question is: will this product or skincare regimen help me? I wish I could say with certainty that Dr. Bronner’s will help you—and although we have seen and received literally hundreds of testimonials from people saying that Dr. Bronner’s has helped them with their acne, we are also aware that it doesn’t work for everyone. If you’re reading this article then you probably know that... Continue Reading

Hemp Agriculture Now Legal in United States!

After nearly two decades of our company’s advocacy and leadership in this fight, I am proud to say that it is finally legal for farmers in the U.S. to grow hemp! The 2018 Farm Bill, passed by Congress earlier this month, and signed into law by the President today, December 20th, 2018, includes provisions which remove hemp from the Controlled Substances Act, place full regulatory authority of hemp with the USDA, and allow State departments of agriculture to regulate hemp... Continue Reading

Dr. Bronner’s Celebrates 70 Years on Spaceship Earth!

This year marks the 70th anniversary for Dr. Bronner’s, and 160 years of soapmaking for the Bronner family. The milestone brought up a host of questions for us. How could we encapsulate the long, strange story of our company into something digestible? How could we show that Dr. Bronner’s matured alongside the customers and retailers who were championing our products? Was there some way to show how our company was shaped by, and drew inspiration from, the environmental, peace and... Continue Reading

The Fight for a Fair Minimum Wage, and How You Can Help

Building Momentum with Big Wins in 2018 On Election Day, voters in Missouri and Arkansas passed ballot initiatives to increase their state minimum wages—giving raises to about a million workers and boosting their economies from the bottom up. Business owners in these two states came out strongly in support of raising the minimum wage. In Missouri, more than 700 business leaders in our Missouri Business for a Fair Minimum Wage coalition made the case for raising the minimum wage—from endorsing our... Continue Reading