Dilutions Cheat Sheet for Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soap

Dilute! Dilute! OK!* But how much? Here is a quick reference. None of this is a hard and fast rule. If your stuff is really dirty or your water is really hard, then you may want to use more than the recommended amount. However, this should get you started. You’ll notice that for some applications, I recommend pre-diluting the soap – combining the soap with water in a container. For other applications, the soap is diluted by the water present in the situation. It’s a matter of personal preference. Keep in mind that if you predilute, you are also diluting the preservative (tocopherols – vitamin E), so the shelf life drops. Use within a couple weeks. And yes, there are 18 uses here.

Long time Dr. Bronner’s users will remember this expression from the old labels.

Body Uses:Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soap

Face:  2-3 drops on wet hands, applied to wet face

Body:  one small squirt on a wet washcloth, applied to a wet body

Hair:  ½ Tbsp. in your hand, worked into wet hair, or dilute ½ Tbsp. in ½ a cup of water and work that into wet hair

Bath:  Completely depends upon water amount, but roughly 2 Tbsp. soap in an average sized tub. (Doesn’t bubble, but still cleans)

Shaving:  Face – 10 drops; Underarms – 3 drops; Legs – ½ tsp; Work to a lather in wet hands and then apply to area.

Teeth:  1 drop on a toothbrush. (Yes, it tastes like soap.)

Foot Bath:  1½ tsp. in a small tub of hot water.

Clearing Congestion:  1 Tbsp. in a bowl of steamy hot water. Breathe in mist with a towel draped over the head.

Household uses:

Dishes (handwashing):  Pre-dilute 1:10 with water. Squirt on a scrub brush and scrub dishes.

Laundry:  1/3—1/2 c. of soap for a large load in a normal washer. Add ½ c. vinegar to the rinse cycle. Use half of these amounts for HE

Mopping:  ½ c. of soap in 3 gallons of hot water

All-purpose cleaning:  ¼ c. soap in a quart of water in a spray bottle. Add ¼ tsp. tea tree essential oil if desired.

Windows:  1 Tbsp. soap in a quart of water in a spray bottle. Follow up with pure club soda, or half vinegar/ half water.

Toilet:  Predilute 1:4 with water in a squirt bottle. Add ¼ tsp. tea tree oil. Empty toilet, squirt bowl thoroughly, sprinkle baking soda on the brush, scrub bowl, let sit 10 minutes, turn water on, flush.

Other Uses:

Fruit and Veggie Rinse:  1 dash (approx.. ¼ tsp.) in a bowl of water. Dunk produce and swish. Then rinse in clear water.

Dog washing:  Amount varies widely depending on size, hair type and length, and overall dirtiness. I wet my dog thoroughly, then start to work in castile soap up and down their body until I have a good lather. Really massage it in down to the skin. Your dog will thank you for it.

Plant spray for bugs:  1 Tbsp. in a quart of water. Add ½ tsp. cayenne pepper or cinnamon, if desired.

Ant spray (not on plants):  ¼ c. tea tree soap in a quart of water. (This concentration will burn plants.)

I’ve tried to keep this short and sweet. If you have any questions, please ask away! Oh, and if you haven’t purchased yours yet, we invite you to do so at our online store. Our top selling pure castile liquid soaps are peppermint, lavender and baby unscented.

To download a one page copy of this cheat sheet, click here.

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Lisa Bronner is a prolific writer, consumer advocate, and speaker on health and green lifestyle issues. She is author of the blog, “Going Green with a Bronner Mom,” and granddaughter of Dr. Emanuel Bronner, founder of Dr. Bronner’s.

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  • Stephanie Hopkins

    Hi Lisa, I am a big fan of everything Dr.Bronner’s. I use your products for everything! I have a question though. Recently, I’ve had several friends and family request that I make them some cleaning products. I don’t use preservatives for the items I make for myself and my home, but I’m wondering if I need to if I’m giving or selling to others? I usually use the ratio of 1Tbs to 8oz of distilled water (plus essential oils). Thank you, in advance!!

    • newwavekid

      Not to jump in front of Lisa here, but tocopherol (vitamin E) is actually a preservative, and it’s in all the Castile soaps.

      • Stephanie Hopkins

        It was my understanding that tocopherol vitamin e is not a preservative but an antioxidant to help the oils from not going rancid. It will not protect from bacterias or preserve your product once you add water to it. I read on another blog that there is a calculated ratio that you can use Castile soap to water and it will be safe from bacteria. I just didn’t want to take somebody else’s word for it, I wanted to find out from the actual makers of dr. Bronner’s Castile soap what that ratio is.

        • Stephanie Hopkins

          Thank you, though. I hope I didn’t come across snippy or anything. I do appreciate you chiming in. 🙂

          • wh@tm@tters

            Hi! I find that adding a few drops (depending on total volume) of Maximum GSE liquid concentrate to my diy recipes for anything containing water (distilled) helps my products last a bit longer. But I do try to use things up within 3 months max unless it has no water.

          • Fruit and Veggie Rinse: 1 dash (approx.. ¼ tsp.) in a bowl of water. Dunk produce and swish. Then rinse in clear water.

    • jojowa

      give them the cheat sheet and web address. they can make their own. whatever they have bottles for.

      • Stephanie Hopkins

        My plan is to eventually sell these products. I customize them with essential oils.

        • Maybe you can make and sell a concentrate, and then put directions on your bottle how the friend/customer can dilute it for use.

          • Stephanie Hopkins

            That’s actually exactly what I do. I’m adding preservatives to the concentrate so when it’s diluted with water it will be protected from bacteria and such.
            The preservative can gum up the sprayer nosel over time, so I was hoping I didn’t need to add it, but no such luck.

          • You could combat that with witch hazel or vodka. I don’t know if you could add it to your concentrate or if your customer would need to add it during dilution.

    • Hi Stephanie, it is definitely the case that once the soap is diluted that its shelf life goes down significantly—and it sounds like you are diluting the soap quite a bit. We don’t recommend selling the diluted soap (although if you figure out a natural preservative that could certainly help). If it’s just something that you’re giving away to friends then you can simply let them know that it should be used within a month or two (you can also make a batch and let it sit, testing it every few weeks to make sure that it hasn’t lost its scent or gone rancid, and that way you can determine the precise shelf life of your products).

      • Stephanie Hopkins

        If I use the recipe for the All-purpose cleaning: ¼ c. soap in a quart of distilled water in a spray bottle… what is the shelf life of this mixture?

        • Lisa Bronner estimates the shelf-life of that mixture to be about 6 months, although she also recommends smelling/checking it as she has not done any rigorous tests for shelf life. Hope this helps!

          • Stephanie Hopkins

            It does! Thank you!

  • stacybel

    Thanks for the dilution list! Now I can stop using chemicals on my toilet.

    • ZettabyteGamer

      I know this was posted two years ago, but literally everything is made up of chemicals. You are made up of chemicals, this castle soap is also made of chemicals.

      • sheba92766

        I’m pretty sure she was referring to perfumed, harsh chemicals from the cleaning aisle.

  • Linda Adsit

    This list is so very helpful. Thank you.

  • Denise Marie

    So many amazing uses but I always wondered about the quantities so thank you for this cheat sheet!

  • Diana Allingham Rubanenko

    Thanks so much for this!

  • LimeGreenYeti

    I use the peppermint liquid soap as a bug spray.
    Three parts water, one part peppermint in a spray bottle. Best bug spray I’ve used.

    • Ann Brigham

      Can be used to maintain bug free, organic garden?

      • LimeGreenYeti

        I don’t know for certain but I think so. I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer, but we were bug bite free all year!

  • Chris Romanelli

    Anyone know if the peppermint soap will deter deer?

  • Michael B

    I love Dr. Bronner’s soaps… almost as much as my dachshund! 🙂

  • wally jasper

    I just ordered some Sal Suds but haven’t used that product before. How would the Sal Suds compare with the Castile Soap for home cleaning and laundry purposes? It seems that that is what it is made specifically for. But does the Castile Soap work equally well?

    • In some ways Sal Suds is a more powerful cleanser than the Castile Soap. Sal Suds is a detergent, not a soap, which is a bit of a chemical difference. The main difference in practice is that Castile Soap performs less well in hard water conditions, whereas Sal Suds performs equally well in soft or hard water conditions. This is because the minerals in hard water can interact with the soap and especially in applications like laundry, mopping, or dishwashing, this can make getting a “clean rinse” more difficult.

      • wally jasper

        Thanks, Rafi! Does the vinegar you add to laundry when using Castile Soap address that “clean rinse” issue?

        • Yes, the vinegar helps the Castile Soap rinse clean! This is true in dishwashing as well, where you can add a bit of vinegar into the “rinse tub” to prevent any film or greasiness that can result from hard water conditions. Sal Suds is loved for its powerful degreasing abilities and doesn’t require the vinegar rinse.

  • Veronica Ho

    sorry I’m new to this community, want to ask a very basic simple question that how much the volume of 1 cup is to?

  • chito2800

    Please someone answer this question. I’ve been making my own body wash using honey and carrier oils but I Can’t find no where how to dilute for diy body wash . I’m using 8oz bottle & 16oz. So for every tablespoon of Castile should I add 2 tablesponns? What the most water I can and still have it’s cleaning power? Trying to have this as gentle as possible for skin . Thank you

    • Hi, it’s really a matter of taste. People tend to dilute anywhere from 1:1 all the way to 4:1 for body wash purposes. Even at the lower dilution it still has plenty of cleansing power.

      • Vickie Call Hunker

        Try this:
        3 Tbsp honey
        1/2 cup vegetable glycerine
        2 Tbsp liquid castile soap

        This is a face wash recipe I got from my sister. You can adjust to your preference.

    • Caliqueen

      You make your own shit too?? I guess it’s only catching on here in Oakland lol. I’m making my own moisturizers, body butters, hair stuff, anything else I can try.. I’m waiting for this brand of Castile soap but the unscented kind bcuz I have sensitive skin.. I have the same question u have still haven’t found an answer.

    • Michelle Di Liberto

      The body wash that I have made are only castile soap and honey. I have sensitive skin, and this seems to work for me. You could use vegetable glycerin, but I feel that using carrier oil may defeat the purpose. Besides, it may make your shower slippery if you use oil.

  • Shakti

    I’ve been using Dr. Bronners for two decades for sensitive skin
    and a need to escape chemicals. Wonderful product.

  • Guy Bethell

    If I add castile soap to a neti pot, how much should I use?

    • Hi Guy, sorry for the late response! We do not recommend using our soaps in a neti pot, as the lining of your nose and throat are very sensitive and should not be exposed to soap.

      • Rob Davis

        Maybe there’s a lack of knowledge here. Understandable. There is research to show Johnson’s Baby Shampoo (I don’t know if others were tested) can be effective in removing the troublesome biofilm some bacteria build when you have a sinus infection. There is plenty out there on the internet about this. I’m sure this is what Guy was referring to.

  • Maria Intan

    Thank you for your cheat sheet. Its definitely helpful. For handwashing, how should I dilute it?

  • Teresa Altman

    My home and fresh laundry is infested with spiders, I’m awear peppermint helps ward them off. But the soap container says put 1/2cup vinigar in rinse. Why, I want my clothes to smell like peppermint?

    • The vinegar in the rinse cycle is especially for hard water conditions, to help the soap rinse clean. If you have soft water in your home, then you may not need the vinegar rinse. However, even without the vinegar rinse, your clothes will likely not smell very minty. Usually the smell of the soaps does not remain in the clothes after washing.

  • Beza

    Hi Lisa, thank you for this dilution list. Since I’ve discovered Dr. Bronner’s soaps, I’ve been replacing nearly all cleaning agents in my house with them. But there is one thing I’d like to be able to find out: is there a way to use this as a dishwasher detergent? I’ve found recipes online, but they don’t make sense to me, since mostly they suggest to use white vinegar and/or lemon juice in a solution of Castile soap and water. Adding acid to a basic solution does not make sense to me. Do you have any suggestions? If anything is missing from your list, I’d say it is a dishwasher solution! Thanks!

    • Hi Beza, unfortunately our soap can only be used for handwashing dishes. The soap simply suds too much in an automatic dishwasher, and it will overflow the dishwasher. You are correct that we don’t recommend mixing the soap with vinegar or lemon juice, although there is an exception if the recipe also contains baking soda, as the vinegar will react with the baking soda instead (although you have to get the proportions right). That said, we are not familiar here with a recipe like that for automatic dishwashers.

  • Kathy

    Hi I noticed that your Sal Suds product has Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) in it. This has been a controversial ingredient in recent time, and I understood it to be synonymous with engine degreaser. Please correct me if I’m wrong. So, in what applications is it not good to use Sal Suds? I have removed all items from my home that contain this ingredient. Please enlighten me. 🙂

    • Hi Kathy, we wouldn’t compare SLS to engine degreaser, as engine degreasers generally contain petroleum-based solvents, whereas SLS is a gentle surfactant that is derived from coconut oil. SLS has definitely gotten a bad rap recently, mostly because of its confusion with SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate), which can be contaminated and cause health problems. SLS, if formulated correctly, is a safe, mild, effective cleanser. That said, we do not recommend our Sal Suds for use on the body, mostly because SLS can cause skin irritation for some people.

  • Tara J. Brady

    Hello! I am new to green cleaning. My mom used the soap in peppermint growing up though so I love it. I really want to make the switch bc I am chronically ill in many ways. One being that my body can’t process toxins & heavy metals like other body’s do through the process of methylation. So I know regular cleaning products with awful chemicals are poisoning my system trifold! But back to the point. I ordered several of your products but I am not sure if I need both Sal Suds AND the Castile Soap. I am, however, not the biggest fan of most DIY recipes that use vinegar as the cleaning base. Is Sal Suds a base for making cleaning products as well? (Hopefully one that I could use in place of vinegar most of the time?) I know it is more of a cleaning detergent and the other is a soap (even though it can also be used to clean, which is where I get lost lol.) I’m just wondering if I should have gotten one or the other. Thanks for all your posts and family products. You are such an inspiration. I love to clean & was thinking I’d be sad losing my fave cleaners but these products make it fun & I am now excited!! Actually, my first order just got here! I can’t wait to go tear open that box! Thanks!!

    • Hi Tara, both Sal Suds and the Castile Soap are excellent all-purpose cleaners. We definitely don’t recommend mixing either one with vinegar… although vinegar can be useful as a rinsing agent for the Castile Soap. I suggest checking Lisa Bronner’s recent post on her blog to understand the exact difference in applications between Sal Suds and Castile Soap: http://www.lisabronner.com/sal-suds-or-castile-soap-which-one-should-you-use/

      • Tara J. Brady

        Thanks so much! I really appreciate your time.

  • Danny M

    I am using Dr. Bronners Castile soap for my bathroom foaming soap dispensers. I am thinking of replacing my in counter kitchen sink soap dispenser with a foaming dispenser. Is the product a good dishwashing alternative and if so, what is the recommended dilution ratio?
    Thank you

    • Hi Danny, you can use for dishwashing, although its effectiveness really depends on the hardness of your water. If you have hard water, then there tends to be an oily film left on the dishes after you’ve washed them. This can be easily counteracted by putting a little bit of vinegar in the rinse tub (assuming you use filled tubs of water when you wash). If you have soft water then wash away, no problem! And if you have hard water and don’t want to deal with the vinegar rinse, then Sal Suds is likely the better product for this application. As far as dilution, I would start with 2 parts water to 1 part soap and see how that works for you. You can always tweak to taste.

    • Sandy Herrenbruck

      Do you use diluted in the foaming dispensers? Ratio?

      • Danny M

        Yes, I do. I will paste a copy of my recipes below. I use Castille for my bathroom dispensers. I was using Sal Suds for my in counter kitchen dispenser which worked well but went back to regular dish soap. Not because of any negative with the Sal Suds (software). The problem was with the dispenser (hardware). The only foaming in counter dispenser that I could find that cost less than 150.00 is unattractive in my wife’s opinion ( i could care less) and a very poor design (in my opinion) that would easily break if someone pushed down on the spout instead of the center hub of the device. Below is a picture of it. It does work well so if you are happy with the appearance and you think that you can get people NOT to push down on the spout then by all means. Just do a search on “in counter foaming soap dispenser”.

        Note: 1 oz=2 Tablespoons

        Castille for face soap 3T to 8oz
        3oz castille to 16oz water

        Castile for dishwashing 1:4

        Sal Suds for dishwashing 1:8 (1:7 for easier calculation?)
        (for 16oz kitchen sink refill: 3T to 10.5 oz)

      • Danny M

        Yes. The ratios are at the end if my last post

  • peo h

    i can’t get over the fact that you’re using same thing to clean the toilet for your face!

    • Bri San

      Yes, but there’s nothing wrong with that =) Deprogram yourself.

    • Thea

      As long as you’re not using the same applicator it’s OK!

      • zenseekercu


  • LeslieA

    I have sofa cushions covered 30 years ago in textured cotton. Professional cleaners will not clean them as “they may yellow”. I hope to mix my own non-toxic cleaner for the fabric (and test it first on a hidden area). Any recommendations? Thanks.

    • We would recommend diluted Sal Suds and wiping with a microfiber cloth for this application.

  • Carleen Pierce

    I just got my first bottle of Unscented Dr. Bronner’s today. I need something to use in the laundry because after using even the Free & Clear detergents for years, my husband skin ends up reacting to EVERYTHING. I read in the discussion about using vinegar in the rinse cycle and we definitely have hard water. Question: can I add the vinegar to the fabric softener dispenser at the beginning of the load? My understanding is that it releases in the rinse cycle so should theoretically work. Also, I like to use cold water. Should I be diluting the castile soap in some hot water before putting it in the machine? The first load I did, it seemed to gel up around the edges of the measuring cup when I rinsed the cup under the cold water stream.

    • As long as the vinegar is released during the rinse cycle that should work fine. As far as diluting the soap in some hot water, that sounds like a great solution if the soap is clumping up in the cold water! Let us know how it goes 🙂

  • Danielle LaRocque Spencer

    Just joined the Dr. Bronner’s family. I have the 18-in-1 and would like to put it in my liquid soap dispensers for hands. How should I dilute this or is the bar a better option?

    • bhmurphy

      I have a foaming dispenser and find mixing equal parts castile and water works well for me.

      • Rebecca Myers

        Any suggestions for a non-foaming dispenser (like a built-in soap dispenser at the kitchen sink)?

        • Diane Weissenberger

          I removed the pump and put a squirt top (like for dish soap) on my soap dispenser bottle. I found that works easier than a pump as the pump usually squirted all over the kitchen instead of in my hands!

          • Rebecca Myers

            Thanks for the response, Diane – but a squirt top won’t work in my kitchen dispenser (built in). I am looking for a solution (Dr. Bronner’s soap plus ?!? (essential oils, water, ???). Any thoughts?

          • Rupali

            DIY Liquid Hand Soap

            1/2 cup castile soap liquid
            1/2 cup distilled water
            1 TB vitamin E oil (optional)
            1 TB sweet almond oil or olive oil or jojoba oil (optional)
            15 drops tea tree essential oil (optional)
            5-10 drops lavender essential oil (optional)

            In a mason jar or recycled soap dispenser, add the water first (to prevent bubbles) then the liquid castile soap, followed by the oils. Shake the ingredients together.
            Shake the soap dispenser before using, then squirt a small amount on your hands as needed, rinsing with water.

          • Sabell

            Does the oil in the recipe keep the soap from gobbing up on the dispenser pump top?

          • Rupali

            Yes. The oils also make it Moisture-Rich.

          • Dara Richardson

            Add it to your pump. It’ll pump. Just have to use way less of it. If you used one squirt of regular dish soap use one squirt of this.

          • Please DO NOT add undiluted soap to a pump. It will clog the pump and squirt into your eyes.

          • WiseOwl

            In my foaming pump dispenser (10oz), 1 squirt of Bronner’s isn’t enough to get hands clean. Takes at least 3 generous squirts into a bottle filled with water.

        • Wendy Stephens

          I have the same question…did you get an answer from anyone?

          • Rebecca Myers

            Not yet – at least none that have been helpful to my specific question (mix / dilution for a hand soap using a non-foaming dispenser).

        • Sorry for the late reply. For any kind of dispenser, it is important to dilute the soap. Otherwise it will clog the dispenser. We suggest about 3 parts water to 1 part soap.

          • Stephanie Compton

            does that mean, for example, 6 ounces of water and 2 ounces of soap? Is that correct math?

          • Wanda Zimmerman

            Yes Stephanie, 3water to 1soap = your example. 6ozwater & 2ozsoap

        • John Friedmann

          The only problem I have noticed is there can be separation of what ever ingredients you add. Even water sometimes separates somewhat. So, a built-in would not be able to be agitated to remix. I use a Dawn Direct Foamer type pump that I can pick up and swirl around to remix. It doesn’t have to be a foamer type to work. I use about 1:3-4 soap/water for mine.

          • Debbie Dansro Czech

            I have never had a separation problem using DISTILLED water to mix with! Try it, You’ll like it. Distilled water is .99 at Walmart!

      • FloridaLynda

        You don’t need equal parts. You really only need to put in 1-2 Tbls. and the rest water.

      • Michelle Di Liberto

        I was told by the people in the company (customer service) that if you will be mixing it with water to wash hands or as a body wash that dilution isn’t needed because you’ll be mixing it with water anyway.

    • Ms Cool

      Since your dispenser is built-in, perhaps you can use it straight but in a tiny amount. If you mix with water, you’ll need to shake your dispenser before squirting, which doesn’t sound plausible.

    • First things first: do not put undiluted soap into a dispenser! The pump will clog, and this can cause soap to spurt into your eyes, which is very painful!

      We suggest starting with a dilution of 3 parts water to 1 part soap and adjusting from there.

      • Baylee

        Does the water need to be distilled to prevent bacteria growth?

        • For diluting castile soap, you might want to use distilled water… but it’s mostly to prevent the hard water from interacting with soap and breaking it down, not because tap water is more likely to cause bacterial growth. In my experience if you use the diluted soap within a month, then you will have no problems.

    • FloridaLynda

      I purchased foam dispenser bottles (turns liquid hand wash and water into foam). I then only put in 1-2 Tbls. and the rest water, shake, and it’s a GREAT hand soap (I have a bottle in the bathroom AND a bottle in the kitchen.)

      • Pamela Davenport Merritt

        Same here. I found that more soap is not better when used for a foam soap dispenser. I use 1-2 tablespoons, and fill the rest with water. I found that after initially mixing it slightly, I don’t have to do it each time I use the dispenser. It foams up nicely, and there appears to be no separation.

      • WiseOwl

        I use foam dispenser bottles as well. 2 tbsp seems to be the amount I need in a 10oz bottle, otherwise the solution is too weak to get hands clean and it hardly provide any foam.

  • Carrie Love

    Hi. Love this product! Favorite use is teeth brushing. All the varieties are great. I use a drop or more of my favorite essential oils with it to get added benefits and tame the soap taste. Rosemary is the favorite.

  • Eihpos Socram

    Why is it that my Dr. Bronners liquid soap doesn’t lather well with some of my wash cloths?Isn’t compatible with thich cotton fabric? It seems to work with my my very thin cotton cloth

    • Hmm, we’re not sure… this is the first we’re hearing of it!

  • LeeDeCola

    do the soap fragrances make any difference: 1) to their use/effectiveness or 2) the environment?

    • No, the fragrances don’t make a different as far as uses. They also don’t make much of a difference environmentally as they only make up between 1 to 2 percent of the content of the bottle. That said, some of the essential oils used in some of the fragrances are organic, while others are not.

  • Hi, I just bought my first bottle of of Dr. Bronner’s Soap. Several of the suggested uses call for 1 drop or 3-5 drops. I bought a LARGE 32 oz bottle, so getting 1-3 drops out at a time is a little difficult. Any suggestions for what I can put it in for a dropper?

    I have put some of the dilutions in other smaller bottles, but none of the ones I have are really good for “drops”. There is a brand of shave oil I have bought for years that comes in a small 20 ml drip bottle, that would be perfect. Especially since if I can use this to replace that shave oil.

    Thanks =)

    PS: I bought the 18-1 Hemp Peppermint Pure Castile Soap.

    • Hmm that’s a tough one. I have gotten actual droppers from places that sell essential oil supplies, but I would be worried that the soap would clog the dropper. My suggestion would be not to worry too much if you get a few more drops than intended 🙂

  • Rebecca Myers

    Any suggestions for a non-foaming dispenser (like a built-in soap dispenser at the kitchen sink)? I have the Hemp Almond Castile Soap. Thank You!

  • Pamela M Becker

    I moved into an area that has hard water. I’ve notice that my skin seems dryer. I put a filter on my shower but that doesn’t seem to help except with lathering. Will this product work with hard water?

    • Shawn

      it’ll work, it just won’t lather much. A filter won’t work, you’ll need a water softener. It works by chemically removing the calcium (binding it to the chloride in salt i think) and leaving it with tiny amounts of salt (too little to even taste).

    • Rena M

      It works, but if course soft water is best. We also live in a hard water spot and I find the recommended dilutions still work well. For body wash I dilute 1:1 with water.

  • chito2800

    So I been using the lavender liquid kind. I have to apply like 4-5 squirts into my washcloth for it to lather up. If i apply 1 or 3 it won’t be enough for my entire body. It loses the foam. I feel like maybe this is too much or is it safe? I wish ya come out with a body liquid Castile soap just for body wash no dilution needed.

    • Fiaso Cosmar

      We have the same issues. my technique
      is to squirt little amounts on the center and both sides of my square wash cloth. The peppermint burned my face when I used too much. I think lavender is milder than peppermint.

    • Hi sorry to hear about the issues you are having with the soap! First off, it is perfectly safe to use more soap, although we understand that is more economical to use less. It sounds like you may have hard water, which may be preventing the soap from foaming as much. One thing you could try is putting the soap in a foaming dispenser together with water, that way the soap is pre-diluted and comes out already foamy from the dispenser. Hope this helps!

    • Rena M

      Use a shower pouf. It works amazingy with 1-2 squirts.

      • Betsy

        Yes, this is what I do. Plenty of foam.

  • Larry Lingenfelter

    For laundry i use 1 oz per load. I have never had a problem with clothes smelling clean. 2 oz was wasted on my HE washer so i cut in half again.

  • johnnyotter

    Unfortunately Dr Bronner’s uses palm oil which is devastating S E Asia Forests and Killing thousands of Orangutans.

    • Our palm oil is sourced entirely from our own fair trade and organic project in Ghana, called Serendipalm. This region has been growing oil palms for centuries, so no new deforestation is taking place, and no wildlife is being harmed in the process. Our palm kernel oil comes from Natural Habitats, a fair trade and organic project in Ecuador.

      • johnnyotter

        Thanks for the good news.

  • Jennifer Leclair

    Does anyone pre mix the body wash? We are a family of 4and fed up with buying different kinds of everything

    • I suggest a foaming dispenser, it’s great when you have kids! Simply dilute the soap to the desired ratio (start with 1:1 or 1:2 soap to water).

  • Phil Dwyer

    I’ve been using versions of Dr. Bronner’s since the ’70s. These days we mostly use it, the lavender one, for hand wash in our home (1 to 1 with water via foaming dispensers) and for shampoo and body wash when on the road.

    I’ve recently set up a utility sink in our school garden, primarily for the children to wash their hands when they depart. We’ll be running the gray water into our bananas. I wonder if Dr. Bronner’s is our best biocompatible option. Opinions? Recommendations?

    • Jenny Taylor

      Thanks for the hand wash tip. I suspected a foamer might be best, and you’ve settled the mental argument!


    So when I share the dish soap recipe, and people ask how do you know it’s sanitized… What do you say?

    • Soap is an excellent sanitizer—it is effective in killing 99.9% of germs. The idea that you need something other than soap to kill germs has resulted through the efforts of marketers trying to sell their non-soap products (such as synthetic detergents and sanitizers). Soap is still valued the world over as the most effective way to kill germs and prevent disease!

  • Kathy

    Do you know if your product 18 in 1 Hemp Almond soap is safe in your dilution suggestion for mopping floors on a bamboo wood floor? Thanks.

  • Kelly Miller

    Is this good for odors on laundry (armpit odors)….also, can I use it as a carpet cleaner?

    • Our soap is great for odors. For carpet cleaning, we recommend Sal Suds.

  • Christine Leukert

    Essential oils are toxic to cats because they contain phenols and monoterpene hydrocarbons. Can you confirm whether the essential oils in your Castile soap contains these two compounds? I’m just starting to use your liquid peppermint Castile soap for laundry, bedsheets in particular and am concerned to wash the duvet cover as my cats sleep on it daily. Peppermint is one of the oils (as most, if not all, of your other scents) that are toxic to cats. Can you provide any direction here? Is it safe to use your scented Castile soap to clean things my cats come into contact with? Do they contain those two compounds? Thanks!

    • The peppermint oil we use in our soap definitely has the terpene Limonene. Our soap is clean rinsing and the amount of limonene that would be on your duvet cover would be hard to detect. However, for anyone that has cats, we recommend using our Baby Unscented soap, as it does not contain any essential oils.

  • Ruqaiya Jilani

    I use dr bronner’s castile soap as a dishwasher, but it leaves a white film behind, any suggestions on how to prevent this?

    • The white film is usually an indication that you have hard water. The minerals in the hard water react with the oils in the soap and leave the white film. You essentially have two options, but unfortunately neither is that simple or convenient. The first option is to install some kind of water softener. These range in expense and trouble, so you may want to look at the options. The second option is two use diluted vinegar in the rinse cycle. Unfortunately, most diswashers don’t have a separate compartment for rinsing, so this may be difficult to implement.

      • Shaena

        You could keep an eye on the dishwasher and manually add the vinegar to the rinse cycle at that time.

  • Cristina Marinescu

    The meaning of “1/2 c.” is 1/2 cup?

  • Patricia F. Davidson

    Could the 18 in 1 be used to clean eye glass lenses? And in what proportions?

    • I don’t think the Castile Soap is the best choice for this application, as I would worry that it would not rinse cleanly enough if you happen to have hard water. I think Sal Suds would be a better choice for cleaning eyeglasses—probably just a drop or two diluted in some water.

      • Patricia F. Davidson

        Thank you very much for your input. Better to know in advance than have issues.

    • disqus_U7dlZYVsD7

      I use Bronner’s castile soap to clean my glasses almost daily with zero smearing, smudging or clarity issues from the soap. Just a few drops will do it! wet your glasses under running water, lather up your hands as you would to wash them and grab your frames in the process to suds them up and rinse clean.

  • The Viking Ninja

    Would I be able to mix some peppermint soap with baking soda in an attempt to whiten my teeth? I do the soap alone and love it.

    • Shouldn’t be a problem!

    • Yenny Susanto

      what is the mix ratio for castile soap and baking soda?

  • Rena M

    I love this stuff. We use it shampoo, body wash, toothpaste (def use a little and it does taste like soap), counters and floors (sometimes sanitize after as well). Every home should have a bottle, or ten.

    • Burgermeistermeisterburger

      I have brushed with it, the taste didn’t bother me. Makes my teeth feel really clean.

  • Jason

    Hi, I tried the following dilution unsuccessfully, Mopping: ½ c. of soap in 3 gallons of hot water. The mixture left a lot of residue on the floor. I used a microfibre mop. I had to mop the floor 2 additional times with vinegar and bi carb soda to remove the residue.
    Can you advise what additional steps I have missed with using just your product?
    Thx Jason

    • Jason, you probably have hard water, which is what’s leading to the residue. Other than softening your water, reducing the amount of soap in the dilution and doing a pass with diluted vinegar is your best option to avoid the residue.

  • Jessa Bree Papay

    Can I use the tea tree soap to wash my makeup brushes?

  • Ashtangi

    Looking for recommendations….how to use the 18-in-1 in the dishwasher? thank you !

    • Our soap is not recommended for dishwashers, as it will oversuds and overflow the dishwasher. Sorry!

      • Ashtangi

        ok, thank you for responding!

    • April

      I have been using it diluted in my dishwasher with white vinegar in the rinse aide compartment and it never oversuds but it does leave a white powdery residue even with using the vinegar. That’s the only problem I have ever had.

  • Janie

    Followed the instructions for washing dishes, windows, all purpose cleaner and mopping and leaves a lot of residue!!!!! Why? What else should I do????

    • It is likely that you have fairly hard water. The minerals in the water react with the soap to leave a residue. If you don’t have the ability to soften your water then the next best antidote is to rinse with diluted vinegar. For dishes, I would add a little vinegar to the rinse sink. For mopping you can do a pass with diluted vinegar, after your first pass with the soap. For windows, I would not use the soap, but either diluted vinegar, or just club soda!

  • Shari

    I haven’t tried the product yet but I soon will. I wanted to know would the ant solution harm grass/lawn?


    • It should not harm grass/lawn as long as you keep the dilution quite weak. Too much soap can definitely “burn” leaves of any plant, especially when they are tender.

      • Shari

        Thanks for the heads up. I’ll test it on some crabgrass. I won’t mind burning that weed. And it will be much cheaper than the powder that I’m using now.

  • Robin

    Id like to know if I can add a diluted amt to a previous veggie wash squirt bottle and if so how should it be diluted? Thanks

    • For veggie wash, we recommend just a few drops (10 to 15) in a squirt bottle.

  • disqus_RbshVvFOf0

    I tried making my own foaming hand soap using only Dr. Bronners and water. It works great but lost all of the scent immediately. Worse, it makes my hands smell like cheap, industrial hand soap you’d get in a public bathroom. What did I do wrong? Is there a way to retain the lovely Dr. Bronner’s scent?

    • Jodie McFarlane

      did you get an answer to this as I did the same. Got unscented so I could add my own and had a beautiful aroma of grapefruit and citrus however after hands smell gross exactly like cheep public bathroom generic scent

    • What dilution ratio are you using?

  • Alisa Mickens

    Has anyone used the Hemp/Peppermint as Laundry detergent? How did it work and could you tell a difference in the smell and feel of your towels?

  • Just wanted to say thanks. We’ve just got all the bulk sizes now in Australia which makes using your wonderful range even more cost effective. The sandalwood jasmine is by far my favourite. 🙂 https://www.buyorganicsonline.com.au/dr-bronner-sandalwood-jasmine-organic-liquid-soap-3-78lt

  • Estela Graff

    I tried 18 in 1 Hemp Lavender twice (I love the smell!) and every time I used it I had a sudden rash on my shoulders. I usually do not have any skin reaction to anything. What is the reason? Maybe I am not diluting it enough? What is the correct proportion to use it as shower gel? Thanks a lot.

    • I don’t have a good answer for you as to what might be causing the rash. It sounds like you are sensitive to something in the soap. If I had to guess (and this is purely a guess), it’s that you are sensitive to the lavender oil itself. This is because all the other oils are saponified (turned into soap), while the lavender oil remains as an essential oil. You should be able to use it undiluted without getting a rash. My suggestion would be to try the unscented soap and see if you are still experiencing this problem.

  • Sandra Guignard

    Love this..my goto for everything. I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and this product has made my life a hell of a lot easier.. thank you

  • Britt Cool

    I care for a 99 yo patient. The patient’s clothes and bedding have urine and I haven’t tried Dr. Bronner’s yet. I hope Dr. Bronners will resolve the odor issue. I usually use borax and that works well. Also, I like to use laundry water in the landscape but can’s with borax. At a 1/4 cup soap in a HE washer, using it in the landscape should not be a problem. Do you have any info about this?

    • Burgermeistermeisterburger

      I use Dr Bronners (tea tree) in a spray bottle on the mattress when my kids have accidents. (I have a protector pad on the bed, but it often shifts and I don’t want to use a vinyl one for health reasons) I turn on the fan and spray, blot it and let it dry. No smell and no stain. I used to use hydrogen peroxide or Borax, but the Dr Bronners works much, much better.

    • We’ve heard that Dr. Bronner’s is safe to use on landscaping at low dilution.

  • Burgermeistermeisterburger

    I have cleaned my windows (and my mirrors, floors, stove, countertops,sinks, etc) with Dr Bronners (Tea Tree is my favorite) for years. I do not even follow with vinegar or soda…I just wipe it clean. I never get streaks. I use a field sack towel and DBs in a spray bottle. I have a ton of them left over from using them as cloth diapers. (TMI I know) I can’t clean without Dr Bronners! The only issue I ever had was when I tried to clean my daughters Little Tikes Kitchen…it took the color off the decals and I had to order new ones. Never harmed anything else all these years. I love soaking in a tub of DBs too…it makes me feel so clean.

    • BarbaraSteele

      I should add that the DBs in my spray bottle is diluted. About a teaspoon of DB in a reused 16 oz DB bottle and the rest water topped with a spray nozzle recycled from another bottle. I keep them all over the house.

      • WiseOwl

        Only 1 tsp in 16oz? I can’t even get my hands clean putting 1 tsp into a 10oz dispenser. For a 16oz bottle I’d be using 1 to 1.5 tbsp for general cleaning.

  • Lorna Kroneman Gerk

    Greetings, WOW, I am overwhelmed from the 18 in 1 usage listed above & confused, which of the Dr Bonner’s Pure-Castile Soap products to purchase? Are any of the products from DR Bronner’s line Strict AIP Protocol compliant? The Protocol entails; exclusion of All allergen foods, gluten cross reactive foods, nightshade & sugar. I am diligently trying to eliminate inflammation & perpetuate bodily healing. My migraines & cognitive impairment sometimes flair up by unknown causes. Please, may I make a request for a recommend, which product would be most conducive in meeting my personal hygiene care & home maintenance? Thanks, Lisa Bronner! Sincerely, LornaKronemanGerk@gmail.com

    • Hi Lorna, we have not been certified AIP Protocol compliant, however I believe that our Unscented Pure-Castile Soaps will minimize any potential exposure to allergens are inflammatory substances. Our Unscented Pure-Castile Soaps contain the following ingredients:

      Water, Organic Coconut Oil*, Potassium Hydroxide**, Organic Palm Kernel Oil*, Organic Olive Oil*, Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Citric Acid, Tocopherol

      **None remains after saponifying oils into soap & glycerin.

  • Melanie Doyle

    does this lather? Can I use it on a luffa?

    • Yes, it has an amazing lather! Loofahs work great with our Pure-Castile Soaps.

  • Dee

    How much Castile soap should I add to my 8 oz. jar of salt scrub made with almond oil and coconut oil?

  • Sarah White

    If I use the laundry dilution when I’m camping, can I pour the grey water (dirty soap water) out on the ground or will that hurt plants?

    • Should be fine for plants when camping. Just do it 200ft away from any body of water.

  • E.C. from D.C.

    If I don’t have a measuring cup around just about how many drops would you say is 1/3 of a cup?

    • That’s a lot of drops. Maybe a hundred? You can also you use a regular cup to measure. A tea cup usually holds about a cup of liquid.

      • E.C. from D.C.


  • Sarrah

    Can you use this in a bissell crosswave? If so, how much do you use?

    • We’ve seen recipes out there for this, so it should be fine. The recipe we’ve seen calls for a very dilute mixture. About a teaspoon of soap per quart or two quarts of water.

  • francoise

    Can you use this in the dishwasher? What would be the dilution?

    • We don’t recommend the soap for dishwashers. It will oversuds and overflow the dishwasher.

    • April

      Until I saw this page I have been using it diluted in my dishwasher with white vinegar in the rinse aide compartment and it never oversuds but it does leave a white powdery residue even with using the vinegar. That’s the only problem I have ever had.

  • Laura McCloskey

    I have been using this soap for over 20 years and have always loved the results when used around the house. Made everything very clean. And now, I’m excited! You have citrus which I love.

  • P.B. from G.B.

    Is Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castle Soap safe to be used on natural stone such as marble, quartz and granite? Also, does it harm caulk in a shower? I’ve never used this soap before and everyone I ask that I see buying it use it only for body and hands.

    • Hi, yes it is safe to use on natural stone, and just about any surface you can think of. It will not harm the caulk in your shower. For cleaning natural stone, we recommend using the “All-purpose cleaning” dilution listed above, together with a microfiber cloth to wipe it up.

  • Alicia Morrison

    Hello. I am starting to use Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap for laundry. I did purchase an all natural liquid softner. Is this going to be enough or do I still need to add ACV to the rinse cycle too?

    • It largely depends on how hard your water is. The harder the water, the more helpful that a vinegar rinse becomes. I wouldn’t use ACV for laundry, just a regular white vinegar will do the trick.

  • Emily Vandall

    Question about the dish soap dilution ratio. It says 1:10. So this would be 1 tablespoon soap to 10 tablespoons water? I’m confused as to how that’s going to clean a whole sink of dishes? What am I missing?

    • CDR Cousland N7

      It’s 1:10, period. 1 cup to 10 cups. 1 Tbsp to 10 Tbsp. 1 gallon to 10 gallons.

  • Quixoticly M Moffatt

    I use a recipe to make my own makeup wipes that uses 1 tbsp of baby wash. What would the conversion be for the unscented castile soap? I know you have an article on just using coconut oil, and mention you shouldn’t use any siap near your eyes but this recipe was super convenient when I first made it before I discovered bronners and id really like to be able to just substitute your product in place of the baby wash, but I find the concentration is way too much if I do 1:1

    • Sorry, I’m not familiar enough with baby wash to know what the right conversion would be. It seems like a dilute solution of the soap would work for this though.

  • Denise Wood Woodside

    Can the soap be diluted ahead of time? Can the diluted soap be put in a foaming dispenser?

    • Yes and yes. Just note that once you pre-dilute the shelf life is much reduced. This just means that you have to use the pre-diluted mix within a few weeks.

      • Sherri

        If I dilute with distilled water does that offer a longer shelf life?

  • Erin Pfaffenroth

    What would be a good preservative to add to a mix of 1:1 or even 1:2 soap and water, to make it last longer than a few weeks?

    • Erin, unfortunately we can’t recommend doing this. Although you might be able to add something like Vitamin E (the preservative that is used in the soap), it is unlikely that you would get sufficient mixing to obtain the desired preservative effect. It’s best practice to dilute smaller amounts at a time that you know you can use up within a few weeks.

  • Sherri

    When diluting any of the soaps should we use distilled water? Or is tap water okay?

    • Tap water is fine to dilute, and I don’t think it affects the shelf life one way or the other. Once you dilute, the natural preservatives (tocopherol and citric acid) are just not in high enough concentration to prevent the soap from turning rancid after a few weeks. But as long as you use up the diluted mixture within a few weeks, you should have no problems.

  • Em

    I used Dr. Bronner’s, followed by a vinegar rinse,as a shampoo for about a year and a half in my previous city. It was almost a miracle product for me, the only thing that kept my sebhorreic dermatitis under control, even better than the prescription shampoos.

    However, when I moved to a new city, it caused significant build up. My hair looked and felt awful. I continued to use it for another year, constantly adjusting the soap/water or vinegar/water ratios, but nothing seemed to help. I finally gave up and went back to regular shampoos. Unfortunately, that also means my sebhorreic dermatitis is back with a vengeance.

    It was almost as if the soap was reacting to something in the water and creating a film. I noticed the same thing, even just using it as a household cleaner— it felt filmy, even though it never did in my previous city.

    What would cause this? And what could counteract it? I’d love to use it again.

    • The likeliest cause is that in your previous city (or home) you had soft water but in your current city (or home) you have hard water. Hard water is essentially water that has a higher concentration of minerals like calcium and magnesium in it. These minerals react with the soap, reducing its functionality and creating the film or buildup that you are noticing. If you own your own home, then consider investing in a water softener for the entire home. If you live in a rental, then you can try a water softening showerhead.

  • Rolando Reyna

    when you use !/4 c. the meaning of the “c” is a quart a cup or what

  • Jeanie Gagne

    I was wondering if there is a ratio I should be following when substituting liquid castile soap for SLS when making “bubble bars” for the bath? Or should I use the same amount it states for SLS? Thank you..I’m so glad I found this site.

    • You could try a 1/2 cup of soap, but from what we’ve read, the soap will not bubble up nearly as much as synthetic surfactants.

  • Kar Wai Ng

    Hello I just purchased my first 18-in-1 pure castille liquid soap. I just made my dishwashing liquid using the suggested 1:10 ratio but liquid is very watery and I find myself using a lot of it to clean dishes. Is that normal? I used to use Mrs. Meyers and am used to the dishwashing liquid being more viscous. Thanks!

    • The dilutions are a suggestion and certainly if you want a more concentrated solution it will not be an issue. I would recommend trying a 1:5 ratio and seeing if that works better for you.

      • Gloria Carmona

        Just to make sure, when you say 1:5, do you mean 1 part of castile soap for 5 parts of water, right? Thank you in advance!

        • Yes, one part soap to 5 parts water. But to be honest, I often use a more concentrated mixture for washing dishes. Maybe 1:3 or 1:4.

          • Gloria Carmona

            I think I’ll go for a more concentrated mixture as well. Thanks!!!

  • faithplayer

    Mine has turned cloudy. Its about 1 yr. Old. Is it still good?

    • It should be fine. Shelf life is a minimum of three years. The soap tends to turn cloudy in colder temperatures, but this does not affect its function.

  • Thanks for this dilution list

  • Samantha Nason

    would love to use to clean baby toys, should i just use the all purpose recipe with tea tree to kill germs?

    • The soap on its own is very effective at killing germs. For baby toys I would use the baby unscented variety, but tea tree shouldn’t be a problem either.

  • sm

    Hi! Do you know if this castile soap would be safe for cleaning a silicone menstrual cup? Here are the cleaner recommendations from the website of the cup. Thank you for any help!

    • It should be safe, my only caution is that if you have hard water, the hard water can react with the castile soap and create a thin film of residue. If you do a quick rinse in diluted vinegar after washing with the soap then that should take care of the problem.

    • April

      Don’t use any kind of soap that isn’t meant to be in that area for toys or menstrual cups, etc. I learned the hard way😣 I buy the special soap from the feminine care aisle specifically just for my cup and just a drop of soap. It lasts awhile still unless you are constantly cleaning it. But most of the time when I’m at work my only source of cleaning it out is water and I only use my cup for 2-3 days so I only use the special soap to clean it at the end of cycle and store the cup in it’s case. Hope this helps!

  • Shaena

    Has anyone tried a dilution on cat urine? I have, using the unscented version, and it seems to do well even on dried up, smelly urine spots.

    I’d love to see an official verification that it really does work. I may not smell it, but is it really gone?

  • Savvy

    Hi there! I really love using all Dr. Bronner’s products. I was wondering if you ever plan on selling a liquid sugar soap refill bottle? I want to refill my sugar soap container and I thought about buying the bigger size soap pump container but I don’t need to buy a pump every time. I see from the comments that it’s possible to dilute the Castile soap and use it in the sugar soap pump container, but was wondering if there will ever be a liquid soap refill. Thanks!!

  • minnesotagirl

    Hi I was wondering what you recommend for diluting the 18-in-1 unscented castile soap to clean piercings? I just got a new piercing and was wanting to use it for that. Thank you!

  • Jill Pollock

    Hi, I plan to use this for handsoap and an all purpose cleaner. Do I have to use distilled water? Also, what is the shelf life after it is diluted.

    • Distilled water would probably work better, but it is not required, especially if you have soft water. In hard water conditions, the minerals in the water can react with the soap and make it less effective. I would try to use the spray within a month.

  • jmcgraphics

    There are those types of flat screen monitors (No glass cover) that would be ruined using ammonia based cleaners like windex and abraisive wipes. What would be a good dilution for Dr. Bronners? Is it safe for this? I have seen kits at computer stores with a very thin fluid in a sprayer and a microfiber cloth to wipe it down. Any thoughts?

    • I’m not sure that our soap would be a great choice for screens, and I wouldn’t recommend putting the soap in a sprayer, as even with a dilute solution, there could be issues with clogging.

      The information I’ve seen is that the safest options are either plain distilled water or a dilute distilled white vinegar solution.

      • Steven Deane

        At least 3 of the above say to mix in a sprayer and yet here you recommended not using a sprayer? This does leave one questioning, can one mix a solution in a sprayer or not?

        • Kim

          Hi, I have made a veggie wash with the tea tree Castile soap with water the ratio is like 1:4, or so. The sprayer works fine.

    • Chris Mollo
    • SheP A

      I always have a 1:2 spray bottle of white vinegar and distilled water for counters, windows, tile floors, and yes… the television and computer screens too. Works great!

    • Kathy D

      I mix 1/2 vinegar 1/2 rubbing alcohol and use on anything that is not wood. Even my flat screen. The alcohol dries it fast with no streaks.

      • Ronda K

        While alcohol might have been a decent option for screens in the past, most new displays have coatings that will not do well with any alcohol-based or ammonia-based detergents. That means NO WINDEX, RUBBING ALCOHOL, ISOPROPANOL, NAIL POLISH REMOVER, OR SKOL VODKA.

  • karla sandoval

    I like to know if I could use a solution in my Bissell pet pro floor machine

    • Sally Moley

      NO!! ONLY IF you use a fabric conditioner in the recovery tank because the bubbles will cause your motor to burn out and the foam will go everywhere

    • SteamBot

      Yes, you can use 1 DROP of Sal Suds in a floor machine. Any more than 1 drop and you will get too much sudsing.

  • LtTawnyMadison

    I got this to put in refillable soap dispensers. But it solidifies at the tip and then squirts out, hitting people’s torsos! Is there a dilution I should be using to avoid this?

    • Yes, you MUST dilute before putting in a dispenser. Dilute by at least half, and up to 3 parts water to 1 part soap. Be aware that once diluted it can go rancid if it sits around too long. I would try to use it up within about 2 to 3 weeks.

  • Jody Goodman

    I LOVE using the peppermint soap as a body wash!! I’ve seen a lavender hand sanitizer but would like to make my own with the peppermint soap (especially as I stay away from lavender). Is there a good recipe to make? Thank you.

    • We just came out with our Organic Peppermint Hand Sanitizer? Is that the kind of thing you’re looking for?

      • Jody Goodman

        Really? Cool! I’ll look for it, and hope one of my local stores carries it. Thank you.

  • Serena Ang

    Hi… May I know if Dr Bronner castile soap kills bacteria?

    • Serena Ang

      Will someone be able to answer the question above as I am planning to make my own handwash.

    • Hi Serena, sorry for the delay. Yes, Dr. Bronner’s soap does kill bacteria.

  • Tali Szulanski

    I love this soap so much! I just pour 1/4 cup into 1 gallon of water and drink and it works great for colonoscopy prep! My colorectal surgeon said he’s never such a clean colon. He even uses the soap himself before the colonoscopy and slips his hand right in!

  • Serena Ang

    May i know if there is any expiry to the soup?

    • The soap has a shelf life of about three years. There is a Julian date stamped on the bottle that indicates when it was bottled… so about three years from that date.

  • Steph Sal

    what soap products for what for situations example: Body uses, fruit and veggie…

    • The soaps all use the same soap base, and just have different fragrances, so it’s really a matter of what scents you prefer. For fruits and veggie wash I would tend to use scents that complement the fruits and veggies, either peppermint or citrus. For body uses any scent will work… the you might use unscented if you have sensitive skin, or tea tree if you want extra anti-microbial action.

  • Kristina Anderson Danzara

    I want to use either the bar or liquid as a body wash but break out easily from heavy oils on my chest and back area. Are the oils listed in the Dr. Bronner’s Bar and Liquid soap actually turned to Glycerine during saponifcation? Or are they still Coconut, Olive and Palm Oils that I would need to worry about clogging my pores? I do fine with regular glycerin.

    • The answer is different for liquids and bars. For our liquid soaps, all of the oils are saponified except the essential oils which are used for scent. So there is no coconut oil, palm kernel oil, olive oil, hemp oil or jojoba oil in the final product… as they have all been completely saponified. If you want zero oils in the soap then I would choose the Unscented variety, as that variety has no added essential oils.

      For our bar soaps, the process is slightly different. Most of the oils are completely saponified (coconut, olive, palm), but the hemp oil and jojoba oil are superfatted, meaning that some portion of the hemp and jojoba oils remain as oils and are not saponified.

      That said, it is highly unlikely that any of these oils would actually clog your pores. The notion that coconut oil (or any other oil) is comedogenic (pore clogging) is not supported by any studies that we could find.

      • Kristina Anderson Danzara

        Thank you so much for answering me and explaining it all!

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  • What type of Preservative is used to keep mold, bacteria and yeast from growing in the bottle?

    • Hi Deborah, our soaps are largely self-preserving (soap is poisonous to most microorganisms), though we do add tocopherol (vitamin E) as an additional natural preservative. Undiluted, our soaps have a shelf life of about three years, and after three years they generally don’t go moldy or rancid, they simply lose their scent.

  • Marissa Bergmann

    Is this safe to use on wood and stainless steel?

  • Ben M

    Hey how can I use this soap to fix my marriage

  • Mijn Pakje

    Is there a cheat sheet for the non-USA market ? I have actually no idea how to interpret “½ c. of soap in 3 gallons” is c. a cup ?

    • azraine

      Yes, the abbreviated lower-case “c” represents cups.

  • Is the eucalyptus castile soap safe to use diluted as an all-purpose cleaner in homes with cats?

    • I would not use anything with essential oils around cats, just to be safe.

  • Karine

    Hi there, I love Dr.Bronner products… therefore I realize not so long ago that there is “elaeis guineensis” (palm oi) as the third ingredient on the lavender one – I have also the peppermint and tea three and it is not listed in the ingredient…. not sure what to think about that…

    • All of our bar soaps have palm oil, and all of our liquid soaps have palm kernel oil. Both oils are sourced from fair trade organic projects that promote biodiversity and do not cause new deforestation.

  • Spilled the Dr. Bronner’s on my tile bathroom floor, it is still slippery. Any recommendations?
    Thank You

  • Moped, towel dry, all is good.
    Enjoy your day

  • Temu Vaetoru

    Hi there ! Is the 18 in 1 Liquid Soap Bottle able to be converted into Soap Bar form ? This would be Excellent for International Travel as this would bypass the TSA Rules on Liquid Limits for Carry On and would be able to be used on Long Travels where there is no regular outside world contact and I would be able to carry spare supplies without limitations

    • We do make a bar soap, so I’m not sure I understand the question.

  • Abigail McElroy

    Question. I want to try using the citrus cleaner in a spray bottle for the bathroom. But I’m worried since there’s already soap scum, won’t this just add to it? Any thoughts, mixture ideas are appreciated. I used to use sal suds years ago but the scent gets on my nerves.

    • The best antidote for soap scum is a vinegar rinse. Use diluted white vinegar and it should get the soap scum right out.

  • Guido Walter

    Could somebody decrypt the meaning of this:

    Laundry: 1/3—1/2 c. of soap for a large load in a normal washer. Add ½ c. vinegar to the rinse cycle. Use half of these amounts for HE.

    1/3—1/2 c. ??? What does c. mean.
    Use half of these amounts for HE. What is HE?

    • “c.” stand for a cup. which is equivalent to 8 ounces.

      HE stands for High Efficiency. HE washers use less energy and water per load of laundry.

    • Millie Padin

      good evening, laundry 1/3 – 1/2 C. that means you can use 1/3 cup or 1/2 cup for a large load of laundry. HE : means High Efficiency washer- front loader washing machines- these machines use ALLOT Less of any detergents.

  • Kristy Cass

    Can you use the hand and body wash in laundry? If so how much?
    Husband got me the wrong one.

    • Yes you can use it in the laundry. I would use the same amount as indicated for Castile Soap (1/3 to 1/2 a cup).

  • Team Cat

    I’ve been using the Unscented Baby Castile Soap to wash my hair & the citrus rinse for about 2 months. My question is why does my hair seem to be dirty (greasy & oily looking) after just washing it? I’m using the dilution as it says on both bottles. Please help.

  • Kolchak

    Jalopnik.com suggested diluted Dr. Bronner’s to clean spilled gasoline in a car trunk. What dilution would be needed? (Would the same work for carpet cleaning in the house?) Thanks!

  • Sarah

    I am trying to reduce the amount of plastic my family consumes so I have been using Dr. Bronner’s bar soap. Maybe someone has already asked this question but I was wondering if you have a dilution sheet for turning bar soap into liquid soap.
    Thank you!

    • I’m not aware of a way to convert the bar soap into liquid soap, but if you want to convert dilutions, one bar soap equals about 1.5 cups of liquid soap.

  • kemiim

    Hey there, so everyone may be aware that Dr. Bronner’s is just the right viscosity if you want to re-use your foaming soap dispensers since it restores foam-ability that other liquid soaps cannot do. But where can I find a link about this to share with others? THANKS!

  • Sam Alden

    How would I use this in my steam cleaner for carpet cleaning? Can somebody please explain the process and ratios to me I would appreciate it!

  • Yami Trap

    Im going traveling soon and I’m taking a very light load of clothing. for 1 small towel, 2 pairs of underwear, socks, pants/shorts and shirts, how much castille-soap would i need for one wash? Is it possible to wash without the vinegar rinse? I dont particularly want to lug a bottle of vinegar around in my bag. Also, will the bar soap work for washing my clothes washboard & bucket style? is there an appreciable difference in handwashing power for laundry between your original liquid soap and Sals-Suds?

    I know that’s a lot of questions but i would super appreciate it if you could help me!



    • Hi Yami,

      Sorry for the delay in replying. For washing a small amount of clothes, you probably only need a few drops of Pure-Castile Soap. The vinegar rinse is not essential (especially if you’re using soft water to wash). If you have hard water conditions, you may eventually notice a build-up, and that’s one you would need a vinegar rinse. You can definitely use the bar soap for this purpose. Sal Suds is a super-powerful cleaner and rinses clean in soft or hard water conditions, but our Pure-Castile Soap is perfectly serviceable.

    • sheba92766

      In addition to washing your clothes, you can save space from taking multiple products by using the soap for shampoo, washing, shaving, etc, if needed.

    • Pamela Davenport Merritt

      Bronner’s soap actually comes in travel size bottles. I keep one packed in my travel bag for use when I’m on the road. Or get a travel size bottle from your Walmart or Target and fill it with some of your Bronner’s liquid soap.

  • To Pe

    I’ve been using your Peppermint Castile Soap since approximately 2006 and for a few years now, I’ve noticed a reduction of Peppermint Oil in your formula. Hence, the reason why I no longer purchase it consistently. Do you anticipate kicking the Peppermint Oil content up to earlier levels?

    • We have never reduced the amount of peppermint oil in our formula.

  • Mark

    Hi, how is it for delicate laundry items such as a wool hat? Thank you.

  • bixby9797

    been using it for years and it’s great. I even took a bar to Africa to use while climbing Kilimanjaro. Everyone was very interested in it.

  • Richard V Evans

    I have pure Castile soap and fancy making my own tea tree version soap and was wondering how much tea tree oil to add to a litre of vegetable Castile soap ? Can anyone advise or help please.
    Thank you

    • Hi Richard, we make a tea tree scent, but if you want to make your own, that’s great too. Our soaps usually contain between 1% and 2% essential oils. So that would be between 10 and 20 mL of tea tree oil for one liter.

      • Richard V Evans

        Hi Loiederman
        Yes I am a great fan of your products especially the liquid lavender and almond soaps they really are sublime, I just wanted to have a go at making my own as I bought 5 litres of vegetable Castile soap which is quite thick/viscous I’m guessing that I will need to dilute it as i made a small concoction the other day which was good but a bit thick. Thank you for your advice I’m a loyal Dr Bronner’s fan and love your products and ethical stance.

  • Shell

    Does this product help with dark spots on the face?

    • Not that we know of.

      • Shell

        Thanks for the info Rafi. I really appreciate you responding.

  • Amber Carrier-Simpson

    Can it repel mice like peppermint oil?

    • We don’t think so, but then again, we haven’t tested this use. The soap is between 1% and 2% peppermint oil, so you’re getting a fairly dilute version of peppermint oil if you use the soap.

  • Cindy Elizabeth

    Hi, is it ok to add candlenut oil into the lavender castille soap?

    • Yes you can add pretty much any oil to the soap—I imagine the idea is to make the soap more moisturizing. Just keep in mind that soap grabs hold of oils. This is its primary purpose. So if you add too much of any oil, then the soap is going to be busy chasing the oil you’ve added instead of the grime on your body. We recommend you add no more than ¼ – ½ tsp (1.25-2.5 mL) per 1 cup (250 mL) of soap. For deeper moisturizing, wash with the soap and moisturize afterwards.

  • Anne Simone

    Can you make a bar of soap from the liquid pure Castile soap?

    • If you leave the liquid soap out, a lot of the water begins to evaporate, and the soap thickens up considerably. Adding a little bit of salt also increases the viscosity. I haven’t tried it myself, so I’m not sure it would work well, or give you a good bar of soap, but you can expermient 🙂

  • brenda c

    Dilution ratio for foaming hand soap, please.

  • p df

    Using since 1970….during this scary time of *Corona* shortages, I’m so glad Bronner is still around 😊

  • David James

    Hello Lisa, is it cup or cap denoted by the ‘C’ in above directions?

    Laundry: 1/3—1/2 c. of soap for a large load in a normal washer. Add ½ c. vinegar to the rinse cycle. Use half of these amounts for HE



  • Karen Farol Catangay

    Is the fruit and veggie rinse enough to kill the COVID-19 virus?

  • Karen Farol Catangay

    Do you know if this can kill the covid virus too when used as a fruit/ vegetable rinse?

    • Karen, we have not done specific tests with our soap and the Covid-19 virus, so we cannot answer this question with certainty. We do know that, in general, soap kills viruses, so washing fruits and vegetables with soap probably reduces risk.

  • jackjack1122


    What ratio would you recommend for cleaning a fresh tattoo?

  • Stormy

    Hi, can you use it as a dishwasher cleaner?

    • No, you can’t. It will oversuds and overflow the dishwasher.

  • JulieAnn Stone

    Hello Lisa Bronner, if I want to dilute the Citrus or the Peppermint pure-castile soap to make hand soap in the foaming bottles, how much do I use in comparison to the water? I have a bottle that is approximately 300 mL / 10.1 fluid oz – Thank you

    • You can start by using 1/2 water, 1/2 soap. It’s really a matter of taste in terms of how thick you want it and how quickly you use the soap (once diluted, you don’t want the mixture sitting around for more than 2 or 3 weeks).

  • Jaime Chan

    I’m going to use Dr Bronner Soap for dish washing. You suggest to dilute 1:10. If I am going to use a foaming bottle, what is the dilution rate you suggest?

    • Hi Jaime, the soap is OK to use for handwashing dishes, but do not use it in a dishwasher, as it will oversuds and overflow the dishwasher. If you use a foaming bottle you can use the same dilution, though slightly thicker will work too.

  • Jaime

    I want to use the Dr Bronner soap for dish washing. The dilution rate suggested is 1:10. If I am going to use a foam soap dispenser, what dilution rate you’ll suggest?

  • myfin

    Listing fir different scents available? Can only seem to find a listing by clicking on colored dots but then it thinks I am ordering and stops showing me all available.

    • Peppermint, Baby Unscented, Lavender, Almond, Citrus, Tea Tree, Rose, Eucalyptus, and for a limited time, Cherry Blossom and Green Tea.

  • Steve

    Im trying so hard to find a way to blend the Castile soap with something to thicken it up so it doesn’t fall right through my shower sponge. I tried salt which was highly problematic…. Possibly sugar and something? Please help!

    • Probably the easiest way to thicken the soap is to let some of the water content evaporate. Try pouring some soap into a cup, and within a day or two it should start to thicken.

      Sugar might work too, but I would turn it into a syrup so that you have a decent chance of mixing it into the soap.

    • Stormy

      I’ve been looking for something similar – I’m trialing it as dish soap and it just jets everywhere – there’s a couple of suggestions here: https://www.soapqueen.com/bath-and-body-tutorials/tips-and-tricks/how-to-use-and-thicken-liquid-soap-base/

    • Gary

      ½ cup water (filtered or previously boiled and now
      cooled to room temperature)
      ¼ cup castile soap
      2 tbs carrier oil of choice (I like almond oil as a body moisturizer, so that’s what I used and
      soap & water
      1 LEVEL teaspoon guar gum (if you add too much, your soap will be too thick )
      15 drops essential oil of choice

      Stir until soap thickens. I use a little less gar gum than listed for a thinner soap.

  • Kat Cap

    Hi Lisa, I want to disinfect & sanitize my garden pots to start the growing season, I have your peppermint castile soap… but is your line just as effective as bleach? Or does it just clean away dirt?

    • Our soap does do more than just clean away dirt—it will surround microbes and wash them away as well. Because soap surrounds fat molecules and disrupts them, it can also destroy microbes like viruses which have an outer fat membrane. This is why washing hands regularly with soap and water is important in preventing disease.

      That said, soap cannot be legally considered a disinfectant because it has a different mechanism of action when compared to something like bleach, which disrupts protein molecules and thereby kills microbes.

      For the purpose you are describing, our soaps should work just fine, though as stated above, we are not allowed to refer to the product as a sanitizer or disinfectant. Hope this helps!

  • Stormy

    I’ve been trailing it as dish soap with the recommended dilution, but there aren’t a lot of bubbles – can I assume bubbles are more of a psychological thing, and it’s actually cleaning just fine?

    • Yes, bubbles are mostly psychological 🙂 Foaming is not indicative of cleaning power, and most commercial soaps/detergents have synthetic foaming agents to create extra foam.

  • Amanda Beth

    This safe on colored hair??

    • It really seems to depend on the particular dye that is used. Some people say it strips color and others report no problem. To be safe, we recommend trying it on a small patch of hair first.

  • Rachel Bak

    How long does diluted handwash last? My mixture of Castile, tap water, coconut oil and essential oils smells off. It’s about 3 weeks old

    • It really depends on the dilution used. Also I would not add coconut oil to soap, as it will react with the soap and make both the soap and the coconut oil less effective. It could be that the coconut oil in the mixture has become rancid.

  • laura


    Why is the shampoo making my hair dry like straw? I only use a small amount and then rinse. Thanks.

    • Are you using an acidic conditioning rinse? That’s a crucial part of the hair washing regimen. For troubleshooting hair washing issues, please check out this post.

  • Walter Lopez

    Hi! A question does Castile soap have any preservatives? If yes, what is it? If the answer is No, for how long does it preserve itself?

    • We use Tocopherol (Vitamin E) as a preservative in the soaps. We recommend they be used within three years, but they can last much longer. The main thing is that over time, the soap will lose its scent and become less effective, but is unlikely to spoil or go rancid unless diluted.

  • WiseOwl

    One of my uses is in a foaming pump bottle for each bathroom sink. Adding “a squirt of Bronners” to a 10oz bottle is not enough to actually get hands clean. To get any kind of oomph in hand cleaning I find it necessary to add at least 1 tbsp of Bronner’s to the hand soap bottle, far more than Bronner’s or others claim is needed.

  • GrandToDo

    Just jumped onto the bandwagon with my first shower/shampoo using Castile – and we DO have hard water; however I bought the unscented liquid and used a white vinegar rinse on my hair – don’t have ACV and can’t justify buying it just for my hair. So my questions are:

    WHERE is there a dilution recommendation for white vinegar (it seems everyone is out of the citrus rinse so couldn’t use that either)? I used 1/3 c white vinegar and filled the rest of the cup with tap water – seemed to comb thru fine.

    And, what would account for the feeling of skin rubbing off (like when a sunburn is finishing its peel at the end)? I’d been having that with my earlier product (Burt’s Bees Citrus & Ginger) so am just curious as it’s hardly likely to be life altering LOL – is it the hard water or likely some other reaction?

    Have been reading a lot of the posts and looking forward to the ‘green’ housekeeping adventure! Thanks, GrandToDo

    • That sounds like a good vinegar dilution to me. I think between a 2:1 and 4:1 water to vinegar ratio is good.

      The skin rubbing off does sound like hard water is a likely culprit.

  • Laura Herman

    Could you please specify what is the PH of this product?

  • raquel arango

    Can you dilute Castile soap with other body wash? Do they cancel each out? Do I still get the cleansing benefits? I mixed the unscented Castile soap with a Trader Joe’s Almond cleansing oil and it changed to a whitish color. I was trying to add more lather to the cleansing oil by adding the Castile soap but didn’t work much. I’m not sure if I add enough. Please advise.

    Thank you!!


    • We can’t say how our soap will react with another body wash without knowing the specific ingredients, but in general we don’t recommend this. There is no additional cleansing benefit—and the other body wash may actually be breaking down our soap and making it less effective. If you want, you can use them in series.

  • Biev

    So if I want to use this as hand soap in the workplace, do I pre-dilute it or do I just tell everyone that they don’t need to use much? We spend our days manipulating amphibians, so choice of soap is kind of important.

    • You can pre-dilute. We recommend 1 part soap to 3 parts water. A foaming dispenser is nice but not necessary. Use it up within a month—once you dilute the soap it’s no longer self-preserving.