Ethical Sourcing of Ingredients

Dr. Bronner’s became certified organic to ensure we use only the most ecological ingredients. But we still questioned whether pricing, wages, and working conditions were fair for farmers and workers. Rather than support a supply chain motivated only by profit we created a new one that empowers communities.

In 2006, Dr. Bronner’s committed to sourcing all major raw materials from certified Fair Trade projects around the world that ensure a fair price, living wage, and community benefits for farmers, workers, and their families. Now, when you purchase Dr. Bronner’s products you are supporting these projects and the development of more just and vibrant communities around the world.

We have created, or partnered with, Fair Trade projects in Ecuador, Ghana, Kenya, India, Palestine and Israel, India, Kenya, Ecuador and Zambia. We are committed to building lasting relationships with farmers and workers throughout our supply chain, and to helping improve their communities. An estimated 15,000 people around the world benefit directly from participating in Dr. Bronner’s supply chain projects. We are supporting the development of domestic Fair Trade programs here in North America as well.

To date, the Fair Trade premium paid to each project have helped communities to drill fresh-water wells; set up composting operations that improve farmers’ soils and incomes; renovate schools, help health clinics to purchase medical equipment and provide mosquito nets to prevent the spread of malaria.

Explore our Fair Trade projects around the world below and learn more about the communities and people who produce our raw ingredients.

Principles of Fair Trade
IMO Certification