Dr. Bronner’s “All-One!” News – December 23, 2013


This holiday season Dr. Bronner’s would like to express gratitude to our customers who inspire us and power our fight for a healthy sustainable food system.Thank you for standing with us as we fought all year for GMO labeling in the United States. While we lost the battle in Washington State by a razor thin 49% to 51% margin, our movement gained huge strength in our war to expose the chemical industry’s control of our food system.

Chemical companies are genetically engineering our foods so they can be saturated with ever increasing amounts of toxic pesticides. Change sometimes is slow, especially given the size and scope of the industrial agriculture machine, but we are just getting started and labeling of genetically engineered foods in America is inevitable. In the meantime we guarantee our products will always support organic sustainable agriculture.

We are also thankful for your support in bringing back hemp farming to the US. With a hemp bill moving forward in both the US House and Senate, a record number of state bills introduced and passed, and a historic hemp harvest in Colorado, 2013 was a record year. See below for a sweet video of the Colorado hemp harvest. Major education projects like Hemp History Week will expand in 2014 thanks to your support.

Happy Holidays,

David Bronner and The Bronner Family

168GMO Labeling Battle Educated Millions

Dr. Bronner’s supported I-522 in Washington State because we all have the right to know if we are eating pesticide saturated genetically engineered foods. Dr. Bronner’s was proud to support the Yes on 522 Campaign as well as the AreWeEatingFishyFood.com tour which educated people across the US. The war for GMO labeling will continue at both the state and national levels in 2014.

Hemp History in 2013nl2

Dr. Bronner’s is a founding sponsor of Hemp History Week, the largest grass-roots marketing and public education campaign to re-commercialize industrial hemp. We were proud to support over 850 events nationwide this past June and most importantly witness the first hemp harvest in over 50 years at Ryan Loflin’s farm in Springfield, CO. Watch this new video of the historic occasion and sign up to participate in the 5th Annual Hemp History Week June 2-8, 2014.

172Rise of the Bronner Moms

David and Michael Bronner are the CEO and Vice-President of our family business, but most of our family works here too. In 2013 you might have noticed articles from Lisa Bronner and Erin Bronner on everything from how to defeat chemical companies in the GMO fight to how to bake delicious vegan hemp brownies. Lisa typically tackles how to use our Fair Trade and Organic soaps for a multitude of uses in her Going Green With a Bronner Mom blog while Erin Bronners’s Kitchen explores delicious, organic cooking, often using hemp along with our fair trade organic coconut oil. If you haven’t checked out their blogs before don’t miss out any longer. Lisa and Erin have a lot to say and welcome your feedback.

173Top 3 All-One News Stories of 2013

At Dr. Bronner’s we don’t have an advertising budget. Rather we let our commitment to our values and products speak for themselves. When journalists call we always try to advance the various causes we support. We’ve selected three of our favorite news articles from 2013 that are worth checking out.

1. Is Dr. Bronner’s All-Natural Soap a $50 Million Company or an Activist Platform? Yes. By David Zax, Fast Company, May 2, 2013

2. How Dr. Bronner’s Got All Lathered Up About GMOs By Josh Harkinson, Mother Jones, Nov. 4, 2013

3. Washington State Vote to Label GM Food Defeated By Corporations’ “Sophisticated Propaganda Machine” By Juan Gonzalez & Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!, Nov. 8, 2013


171New Vegan & Fair Trade Certifications in 2013

Dr. Bronner’s products are now Certified Vegan by Vegan Action (vegan.org), excluding our lip and body balms as they contain fair trade organic beeswax (though the queens are not killed each year as in conventional operations).

Also in 2013 Dr. Bronner’s became a member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO). Membership requires proof of a deep commitment to fair trade. The WFTO serves as the voice of fair trade in 74 countries. Read more