Community Services

Providing Benefits from the Ground Up

Since the early days, Dr. Bronner’s has donated profits to support a range of community programs and services. We are excited to support projects that make a concrete difference in people’s lives and communities, and we are inspired by those who do this work. From programs like Fair Shake’s prisoner reentry program to San Diego County’s Food Bank, Dr. Bronner’s is engaged in supporting efforts that serve communities and their needs both at home and abroad.

  • fairshake
    Through a blend of reentry awareness and Web-based tools and resources, Fair Shake encourages all stakeholders to participate in the reintegration of formerly incarcerated people back into society.

  • nccs
    North County Community Services (NCCS) is passionately committed to improving our neighbors’ health and well-being by providing programs that educate young children, support working families, provide food for those feeding the hungry, and ultimately create opportunities to improve the quality of life for residents of North County, San Diego.