Resilience and Regeneration in Sri Lanka’s Serendipol

Beyond Organic, Beyond Fair Trade Dr. Bronner’s helped set up its sister company Serendipol in Sri Lanka in 2007—and it has since become the world’s foremost supplier of fair trade and organic coconut oil. Serendipol works with more than 1,200 farmers farming 21,000 acres, employs over 250 workers and professional staff at its factory in Kuliyapitiya, and processes up to 30 million coconuts a year. But these numbers don’t tell the whole story. From the project’s inception, Serendipol staff together with... Continue Reading

Pet Care with Dr. Bronner’s

Washing pets with Dr. Bronner’s (not just for dogs!) If you haven’t seen Lisa Bronner’s video on how to wash your dog with Dr. Bronner’s, then we recommend you watch that first. Dr. Bronner’s is excellent for cleaning dogs and absolutely safe! But can Dr. Bronner’s be used to clean other pets and animals? The short answer is a resounding yes! Read on for some important pointers. Treating Fleas First, a general word about treating fleas on any animal. Dr.... Continue Reading

Introducing All-One! Australia

Talking Brand Activism with our Australian Partners Dr. Bronner’s is now supporting organizations making a positive impact across Australia by making regular donations to the country’s progressive non-profits through All-One! Australia, a program of our local distributor, Lateral Food. In 2012, Tammy Seligmann joined Lateral Food, the company her parents founded, and is now General Manager. Andrea Cook has supported Dr. Bronner’s in Australia since she began working as Marketing Manager at Lateral Food in 2008. We asked them some... Continue Reading

Surfing with Dr. Bronner’s

“The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.” – Phil Edwards If you are a frequent or long-time surfer then you are all too familiar with the types of ailments that can plague surfers and make their lives miserable. Although maladies like swimmer’s ear, sprains or jellyfish stings cannot be helped by Dr. Bronner’s (as far as we know!), our products ARE very helpful for a few of the annoyances that surfers face. Washing Your Wetsuit... Continue Reading

Making The Perfect Popcorn

Here’s how to make really great popcorn No matter if you’ve got a sweet tooth, or you’re a spice hound, an adventurist, or a purist, there’s a popcorn flavor waiting to meet your personal style. And though there are lots of varieties available on the store shelf, making your own fresh popcorn lets you take charge of the ingredients from start to finish, ensuring both your taste buds and your body are equally happy. Let’s take a look at the... Continue Reading

Tattoo Care with Dr. Bronner’s

You’ve thought long and hard about the kind of tattoo you want to get, you’ve worked with an amazing artist to develop a striking design, and you’ve sat through long hours to get a beautiful piece of art drawn on your body. Or maybe you just walked into a tattoo parlor on impulse and decided to mark this moment in your life with something permanent! Either way, you will want to make sure that your tattoo heals properly and stays... Continue Reading

Sal Suds Dilution Cheat Sheet

Sal Suds, Sal Suds, How do I love thee? I use it for… Clothes Towels Sheets Halloween costumes Tile Floors Carpet Granite Painted walls Painted shelves Plastic trash cans Make Up brushes Dishes Lunchboxes Dog bowls Dog carriers Dog collars Windows Cars Car leather Finished wood Wood cutting boards Plastic cutting boards My grill (aka bar-b-que) Outdoor metal furniture Outdoor plastic furniture Plastic toys Stainless steel appliances Paint brushes China Glass vases Pottery Beach balls Diaper Changing pads Wicker baskets... Continue Reading

Circles of Impact—What We Can Learn From Serendipalm

In 2012, just hired as a communications associate with Dr. Bronner’s, I began working on a project to support fundraising for the purchase of bed nets to curtail malaria, and support the building of a maternity ward in the local health care facility in Asuom, Ghana, where Dr. Bronner’s palm oil is produced. A great success, the “Help Dr. Bronner’s Fight Malaria in Eastern Ghana” campaign succeeded in raising over $50,000. In the process we also educated many of our... Continue Reading

Quinoa Buddha Bowl

Who knew that buddha bowls could be so simple to make? Although they usually require a couple micro-recipes to create, using clean ingredients from the start maximizes flavor, meaning each element can be made with ease. Here, a base of warm quinoa is drizzled with a decadent garlic “butter” (made dairy-free with coconut oil!), and topped with beans, steamed spinach, avocado, and a vibrant dressing made from tahini, lemon, and turmeric. Sprinkle a few chia seeds on top for good... Continue Reading