BlackOut Day 2020

We are shutting down our website today in solidarity with BlackOut Day 2020, which is encouraging everyone to shop at black-owned businesses.

Thank you for your support.

How to Clean a Yoga Mat with Dr. Bronner’s

It’s a moment every yogi can relate to… There you are—45 minutes into your favorite class. Your teacher’s new sequence feels like it was designed specifically for you as the playlist moves you gracefully into deeper states of consciousness. Breath by breath, you ride the waves of each inhale and exhale like some kind of mystical yoga dolphin.

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Pet Care with Dr. Bronner’s

Washing pets with Dr. Bronner’s (not just for dogs!) If you haven’t seen Lisa Bronner’s video on how to wash your dog with Dr. Bronner’s, then we recommend you watch that first. Dr. Bronner’s is excellent for cleaning dogs and absolutely safe! But can Dr. Bronner’s be used to clean other pets and animals? The short answer is a resounding yes!

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Sal Suds Dilution Cheat Sheet

Sal Suds, Sal Suds, How do I love thee? I use it for… Clothes Towels Sheets Halloween costumes Tile Floors Carpet Granite Painted walls Painted shelves Plastic trash cans Make Up brushes Dishes Lunchboxes Dog bowls Dog carriers Dog collars Windows Cars Car leather Finished wood Wood cutting boards Plastic cutting boards My grill (aka bar-b-que) Outdoor metal furniture Outdoor plastic furniture Plastic toys Stainless steel appliances Paint brushes China Glass vases Pottery Beach balls Diaper Changing pads Wicker baskets Artificial greenery Painted MDF Microsuede Plastic storage bins Tooth brushes Tooth brush holders Porcelain bathroom fixtures – toilet,

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Green Cleaning Starter Kit

You know you want to.  You’ve been meaning to for ages.  Everybody’s doing it. It’s so easy! Today is the day you put together your Green Cleaning Starter Kit. The kit is so simple that you’ll need to trust me that it will indeed clean your house.  Trust it.  No side effects.  No funny business.  No fancy gimmicks. 

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Dilutions Cheat Sheet for Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soap

Dilute! Dilute! OK!* But how much? Here is a quick reference. None of this is a hard and fast rule. If your stuff is really dirty or your water is really hard, then you may want to use more than the recommended amount. However, this should get you started. You’ll notice that for some applications, I recommend pre-diluting the soap – combining the soap with water in a container.

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