Dr. Bronner’s Pledges $1 Million Over Ten Years to the Movement for Black Lives

At Dr. Bronner’s we know we need to do our part to dismantle white supremacy and end systemic racial injustice and anti-Black racism. To this end we will donate an additional $100,000 to the Movement for Black Lives this year and pledge to donate a total of $1 million over the next ten years.

A week after demonstrations began to sweep across the U.S. demanding justice for the police murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and the many other victims of police violence, we pledged to donate a total of $25,000 to a variety of Black-led organizations working for racial justice. As part of this pledge, we encouraged our customers to match our $10,000 commitment to the Movement for Black Lives.

We want to thank our social media followers for donating nearly $5,000 towards that match. Together, the broader Dr. Bronner’s community raised $15,000 for the Movement for Black Lives. We are inspired that our customers responded to this call-to-action and were moved by the many inquiries we have received—from customers and employees—encouraging us to do more and to take further action.

As a company, we have been galvanized by the Black Lives Matter movement and the unprecedented impact it has made in society. The ambitious and strategic vision of organizations and networks like the Movement for Black Lives to transform and end the systemic racism that pervades the police and criminal justice system today is of paramount importance to creating a better and more just world. We believe this movement will win.

We make our pledge in solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives’ Juneteenth Call-to-Action:

“In response to the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and countless other Black people who have been killed at the hands of vigilantes or law enforcement, millions have taken to the streets with a clear and distinct call to end police violence and to defund police. Combined with COVID-19 and four years of Trumpism, Black communities are demanding: justice; accountability; a divestment from policing; and an investment in healthy, sustainable communities.

To honor our ancestors and to lay a path to freedom for future generations, we are calling for the sixnineteen mobilization on Juneteenth weekend, June 19-21, 2020. We invite you to join us by taking action from home, in your community, or in Washington, D.C.

The millions of us are here to remind lawmakers that we are bigger than monied interests, including police unions and right-wing think tanks. We know the path away from this disaster. After years of anti-Black violence and animosity for Black life, we demand the defunding of police and an investment in Black communities. We also call for the resignation of Donald Trump, who met our calls for justice with a brutal wave of repression that has added fuel to the fire of racism and systemic inequity.”

Read the sixnineteen demands here.

We call on fellow B Corps and other companies to join us in donating to the Movement for Black Lives. To all our peers in the natural products industry and our allies across many movements and sectors: please make a concrete financial commitment to the Movement for Black Lives in solidarity with today’s sixnineteen mobilization.

We are committed to working to end systemic racism however it manifests in our society, whether in police practices, government policies, or in everyday life. Together, we are All-One or None! Black Lives Matter! All-One!

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David and Michael Bronner

David and Michael Bronner run Dr. Bronner's together with their family. They view the company as an activist vehicle and donate both time and money to causes they believe in.

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  • mrhoagie

    BLM seems to be a “political pimp” movement where only “certain” cases that push a political agenda are reacted to. What about all the black on black crime? Ho hum, just another day in those cases. Never see Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton or hardly anyone of the black community voicing outrage in these killings….except the personal family of those innocent children and adults murdered because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time or needless violence.

    All lives matter, that for sure, but political picks are made to further what? Where are the father’s in ALL children’s homes? So much to be said.

    • Billy Jack

      Pimp movement? That’s not a dog whistle, huh, Racist?

      • mrhoagie

        Correct – NOT a dog whistle, BLM founders are admitted Marxist’s and BLM movement/leaders preys on only a few news heavy situations and ignore countless other meaningful innocent victims of crime – a Political Pimp

      • Freoling

        Worried about the word “pimp”. Seriously!
        How about looking at the silence of Black-on-Black violence and death……… Open your eyes! Your blind to the fact that BLM is a financial funnel to the Democrats.

  • Bonnie Jackson

    Thank you Bronner family for supporting this effort publicly and monetarily! Just another reason to love this company and your products. Your grandfather and father would be proud.

  • Teresa White

  • Teresa White

    I enjoy Dr. Bronner’s products, but do wish the political and religious commentary weren’t part of this company’s face. There are organizations that I don’t want to support (even though I believe that black lives DO matter, I have serious differences with the BLM organization). I felt the same when other political and social issues were raised, and sent out as emails to me as a customer. When I signed up for emails, I assumed that they would have to do with new products, specials, sales, etc. This is the only reason that I have any contact with the Dr. Bronner company. I’ll be making changes, unfortunately, to how I relate to the company (definitely eliminating the emails!), and likely looking at other natural products for cleaning.

    • Billy Jack

      Big deal. I’ve been using their products for forty years. Haven’t you ever read the labels on their products? It’s full of philosophical writings. Do you have a problem with Hobby Lobby, or that chicken shack? They’ve waded far into the waters of political matters.

  • Scotty

    ALL lives matter. The BLM movement is nothing but a Democrat front scheme to fund the Democrat agenda. Your donation will do nothing to gain any civil rights for anyone. It will just help keep Democrats in power. How’s that working out in your state?
    I love Dr. Bronner’s soap and have been using it for decades! I will continue to do so.
    I don’t agree with your decision and I think you are being misled and used.

    • Billy Jack

      You know exactly what the meaning of BLM is. Your being obtuse, but that doesn’t change the truth. Read: All lives matter but guess what? BLM too! And the system doesn’t treat us that way. No one ever said all lives didn’t matter. How can you sit there at your keyboard and deny the murders? You’re stoking hate. For money? I’m sure you don’t even use their products but let them spend their money where they want. Remember SCOTUS – “Corporations are people, too.” A decision I would think you’d stand by.

      • Melvin

        So the country with a black president and joe biden as vice president is somehow fraught with systemic racism, right? If the US is so fraught with racism why didn’t Obama/Biden do anything about it. All you leftists ever do is prove what hypocrites you are.

    • kimberly smith

      I agree 100%!

  • rvm4
    • rf

      This is incorrect. Your statement “M4BL has nothing to do with BLM” and the source article you link are not related. The Movement for Black Lives is not the same entity as the one discussed in the article you link.

      Dr. Bronner’s does research and relationship building before any donations are pledged or made. Considerable due diligence on the Movement for Black Lives went into the decision to donate to them. Dr. Bronner’s trusts their platform, organizing model, and leadership — they are the real deal. Their networks are integral to the Black Lives Matter movement.

  • Janet Nudelman

    I am so disheartened by the commentary here. A thank you would have sufficed. I would like to commend Mike and Dave and the entire Dr. Bronner’s community for their commitment to racial equality in words and in deed. I so appreciate not only Dr. Bronner’s great soap but the company’s great values. If we are going to dismantle racism, everyone needs to speak out and be a part of the solution. Thank you!

    • Melvin

      Is that how you dismantle racism, by rioting, looting, assaulting random white people?

  • kimberly smith

    I have been buying Dr. Bronner products for 18+ years for sure. I will not support this company any longer after learning that they are supporting a terrorist BLM organization. Very disappointing.

  • I will no longer be buying your products. BLM is not about black lives. If it were,where is the outrage for the good, black citizens murdered during the riots? BLM is simply a Soros funded terrorist group whose goal is to create racial divide.

    • fran


  • ❌Melissa ❌

    Donate to actual Black Lives instead of the shell company created to create discourse and division amongst us. Your donation does not help black lives, but the democrat party, which has been historically riddled with racism. When you donate to Black Lives Matter, you actually donate to ACTBLUE aka/ the Democrats, Politics will be your downfall. I just recently found this product but there are others that will do the job. Have a nice day.

    • fran

      You are completely misinformed.

  • fran

    Thank you, Dr. Bronner’s. BLACK LIVES MATTER.

    I will proudly continue to purchase your products. I already loved them, and this just gave me one great additional reason to continue supporting this company.

  • improv1234

    All-One is EVERYONE, no matter who you are, to work together to help each other. By supporting a segment by color, against another who has a perceived ( and it IS perceived) , you’re are making a mockery of Dr. Bronner’s original thoughts. He used the labels on his soaps to spread his message that we must realize our unity across religious & ethnic divides or perish: “We are All-One or None! ( says right on the label!) “In all we do, let us be generous, fair & loving to Spaceship Earth and all its inhabitants. For we’re All-One or None! All-One!”

  • Jackie Brooks

    Sorry to see where support BLM, I am on my last bottle of Dr. Bonners after it I will be purchasing from another company. I don’t want my money going to support looting, stealing, and burning down America. I love America and intend to support her in every way I can!

    • Edward Horner

      Agreed, supporting a Marxist movement.. smooth… I would rather use Irish Spring.

  • scott macneilage

    I will never buy another one of your soap products. NEVER. ALL LIVES MATTER. PERIOD. END OF STORY. BLM is a divide and conquer strategy to create another false duality dialectic and your support of that is HEINOUS! Funding a VIOLENT and MURDEROUS organization puts BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS. GO TO HELL!

  • serving justice

    the fact your pandering to people who don’t pay $15.00 for your soap… and not even heard of you is stupid business… I’ll just drop this over at PARLER and the people who actually buy your soap also had no clue your Anti TRUMP and you love the Democratic Party of Slavery & Pedophiles

  • Rucker John

    I have happily used Dr. Bronner’s for 40 years – NOT ANYMORE. One should avoid contributing to Marxists. The intent of BLM is to sow discord and contention. The goal is to destabilize America.

  • Why would you support the Brown Little Marxist terrorists?

  • Hammers Thor

    Too bad. It was actually time to restock. Never again. Burning, Looting and Murdering are not socially acceptable behaviors, and we will not support any company that donates money to murderous thugs rampaging throughout our cities. You, by definition, are supporting communists/marxists, which, by definition, seek to destroy our great United States. Yeah, kinda figured that from the bottles over the years (at least 30 now) that you were pretty left, but being left and supporting a philosophy that has led to the murder of well over 100 million human beings over the last hundred years are not the same thing. You are supporting the torture, murder and enslavement of anyone who does not agree with you. You’ve made enough money from us I guess. Will definitely be reposting your story and letting people know that we will never support your company again.

  • Freoling

    Your support of a violent Marxist organization that is using race to promote a political agenda is despicable! Done with your product.

  • Lea

    Never will buy from you again!! And please stay in your disaster zone states. The rest of the country Does Not need you or the destruction that you are supporting. Disgusting

  • Melvin

    BLM is a Marxist organization. It’s founders have admitted this publicly. So Dr Bronners, which became successful through free market capitalism, now supports communism? Suffice it to say I won’t be buying Dr Bronner products anymore.

    • This is simply not true. The founders of BLM said they were trained Marxists, but that doesn’t make it a Marxist movement organization. It’s focus is clearly on ending systemic racism.

  • Megan Gutierrez

    Actually ALL lives matter and I am very disappointed that your company is supporting and aligning itself with violent left-wing and anti-American groups. I have purchased your products for the last 30 years, but I will no longer be buying them. I am also sending this webpage to all of my friends and posting it on my social media so that everyone knows what kind of company you are.

    • Hi Megan, we’re sorry to lose you as a customer, but there is nothing anti-American about working to end systemic racism.

  • maui

    definite done with Bronners, regardless of the intention, this level of stupidity
    makes it crystal clear that there are many other soap options

  • ProudlyUnaffiliated

    Publicly denounce BLM, Antifa, and all other perpetrators of anti-American violence or you have defined your company as a Domestic Enemy.

  • Gail Prings

    I was a very satisficed customer, but will no longer be after learning Dr Bronner supports BLM with their anti life anti nuclear family and racist beliefs, Eucalyptus was my favorite, but will find another brand. Get woke, go broke

    • Hi Gail, we’re always sorry to lose a customer but do not agree with the charges you are making about BLM.

      • Anes11

        What do you know Rafi? Just how old are you? What do you know about this fake “systemic racism”?

        • I know what black people tell me, I believe their stories.

  • Deborah

    Disgusted and dismayed by your decision to support BLM. Good bye Dr Bonner soap company. There are recipes online that will allow everyone to make their own multipurpose liquid castile soaps.

  • John Bolders

    Love your product but cannot support a company that hates the USA by showing support for marxist BLM.

    • We love the USA as much as anyone. That’s why we want to work to end racist policies.

      • Anes11

        Which policy are you referring to? Where are these policies? What racist polices did Bronner’s subscribe to? Should your management all be fired and replaced with minorities? Should your factories be burned down? Your stores looted? Apparently so.

        • Of course not! No one should be fired and factories shouldn’t be burned down. Who is advocating for that? No one that I know.

          This country has multiple racists policies that are a legacy of its history of racial control. First there was slavery, then Jim Crow, then the New Jim Crow.

          • Elizabeth Shearer

            Name one racist policy still on the books. What is the “New Jim Crow”. Are you making that up?

          • Hi Elizabeth, I did not make up the term “New Jim Crow,” it is in fact the title of a book. Here is a quote from the book that describes racist policies:

            “African Americans are not significantly more likely to use or sell prohibited drugs than whites, but they are made criminals at drastically higher rates for precisely the same conduct.”

  • Jen Smith

    Thank you for advertising this. I have been an avid Dr Bonner’s Castile soap user for years. It was the only Castile I would purchase. I am NEVER going to purchase another bottle! I refuse to support a company that donates to vandals, terrorists, looters, arsonists, DNC indirectly…

    • Hi Jen, although we’re sorry to lose you as a customer, none of what you’re saying about Movement for Black Lives is backed up by facts or evidence.

      • David

        You are only lying to yourselves. Had you simply financially supported the black or any other minority community, you wouldn’t be receiving any backlash.

        • We have done that as well, and we’re not particularly worried about the backlash. We believe in the BLM movement, and that this country has a long way to go to end racist policies. We feel good about the decision to support Movement for Black Lives.

      • David

        The facts can be found online just about anywhere by independent journalists, as opposed to far-left media outlets.

  • Blaine

    After 20 years of using this soap, I’m done. For bar soap I just switched to Kirk’s, and for Liquid, Vermont Soap Company. I’m not sending money to any company supporting these marxist front orgs. ALL LIVES MATTER.

    • We’re sorry to lose you as a customer. but there is nothing marxist about working to end racism.

      • Blaine

        Absolutely there is. Read their doctrines. Look at the training and history of their members/leadership. It’s a cleverly veiled Marxist uprising timed perfectly during an election season. The USA elected a black president, if there was systemic racism, this would not have been possible. Racism isn’t divided by skin color, an ethnic group can be overtly racist toward another regardless the situation.. Police aren’t systematically killing black people just to kill them. Facts can’t be ignored in the ethnic disparities in crime that have nothing to do with racism and everything to do with cultures, disruption of nuclear families, and environmental peer pressure from their own ethnicity. Until all of those issues are discussed openly, and dealt with by those ethnic populations then there will be no progress. The questions we should ask are – why do blacks commit the vast majority of crimes? Where are the nuclear family controls? Who are they idolizing and looking up to? Also we cannot and should not ignore that there are actual differences in the genetic structure of different races, and some races have higher, and some have lower IQ’s. Also some have specific enzymes that are frontal lobe expressed that reduce their non-violent cognitive reasoning. All of these need to be discussed before people start throwing money at a sham organization filled with radicals.

        • I don’t have time to go into all your claims but the claim that some races have higher IQs has been widely debunked.

          • Blaine

            Not only IQ, but brain size differs by race. Brain size is clinically linked to cognitive functioning. Blacks have smaller brains. One scientist that studied this, and weighed/measured over 1,000 brains, found that in every single case, the race of the individual helped determine brain size.


            As such, brain size-related variables provide the most likely biological mediators of the race differences in intelligence.

          • It’s sad to see that even though this kind of science has been thoroughly debunked, that it still finds willing believers.

          • Blaine

            None of it has been debunked, and it is soundly based in science. I’m prepared to fully admit my brain is smaller than most asians, and they are innately more intelligent than me. I can’t argue with actual science and anthropological studies, so I don’t even bother to try. I’m a big person, I can admit things. Why can’t other people admit it without feeling like they are degrading themselves, or that there is a racist agenda behind it? When we cannot have these conversations we cannot, and will not ever solve the problem. The problem isn’t based in racism, it’s based in socio-economic conditions, and a failure to address actual genetic differences in races while applying standards to everything that don’t factor those genetic differences. Focus on soap, not lecturing people on your opinions and selective ignorance for facts and science. Labeling people a racist to silence real discussion is pathetic. This reinforces my desire to boycott this product, forever. In fact I am opening a chat with Amazon to get the last jug I got refunded, so it hits you directly in your pocketbook. If you expect me to apologize for being white you can piss off.

  • bpr

    I will no longer purchase your products…excuse me now while I go throw them in the trash where they belong. You are shooting yourselves in the foot. BLM wants your business to be owned by the ‘state’. No public property, no ownership. bring back slavery. Shame on You.

    • That seems like a waste of a perfectly good product, you should at least donate the soap.

      • bpr

        well I used it to clean my toilet first so…

  • Blaine

    Pretty clear Dr. Bronner’s is not Dr. Bronner’s, and these changes, the bottle changes, the doctrine changes will all cost this company dearly now, and in the future. All that literally had to be done was to leave it alone. Don’t use it as our soapbox for your personal views. Sell soap with Dr. Bronner’s original labels, ingredients, and mandates, and reap the profits. But apparently that was too hard. You might as well sell off the company now to any random big corporation because you’ve screwed the pooch.

    • Dr. Bronner always used his soaps as a vehicle to spread his message. We believe he would be proud of what we’re doing.

  • David

    This is extremely sad news. My family and I have relied on Dr. Bronner’s products for a very long time, but we cannot consciously support domestic terrorism via BLM.

    • As far as I know, Movement for Black Lives (or BLM for that matter) has not been designated a domestic terror group, nor do they condone violence of any kind.

  • Lisa Martsolf

    Unbelievable that a long standing family owned company like
    Dr. Bronner’s would pledge support to Burn Loot and Murder, a known domestic
    terrorist organization – shame on you!
    If you do not publicly reverse your position and recommit your capital
    to constructive causes and real humanitarian missions, I will no longer be
    buying your products. I’ve been a long
    standing customer of Dr. B for over 20 years, NO LONGER!

    • Movement for Black Lives is not a “known domestic terrorist organization.” They do not condone violence or looting.

  • DarkAngel344

    Well now I know not to buy from who donate to an organization that KILLS, BURNS, LOOTS, BULLIES and RIOTS sorry PEACEFUL protest through intimidation and the advancing of killing another race waaaay to go David Michael bronner

  • dekota

    I have been a customer for 40 years….. I have chased my career around the country and the first thing I do in a new location is search for a supplier of Dr. Bronner’s soaps. I AM DEEPLY SADDENED TO SEE YOUR SUPPORT FOR THIS DOMESTIC TERRORIST ORG. I am a Vet and a Patriot… I swore once to defend the Constitution against all Enemies Foreign and Domestic….. I STILL DEFEND IT.

  • John Bolders

    It is great to support racial justice. Unfortunately, Black Lives Matter is the wrong venue. BLM spews hate and motivates hatred of the police. You have blood on your hands – see the recent shooting in LA The female officer, 31, is the mother of a six-year-old boy, while the other officer is 24-years-old. At least one of them was able to radio for help, after which they were taken to nearby St. Francis Medical Center where they underwent surgery, according to NBC News.

    • It was terrible that the officers in L.A. were shot, but we don’t know anything yet about what the motivation was, so linking this to Movement for a Black Lives is a huge stretch.


    I’m very saddened to hear that you are supporting an anti-American organization. They support the destruction of the Nuclear Family and are admitted marxists. Not to mention they hate Christians. I have used and loved your products for over 30 years and it will sadden me to have to find another soap.

    Get woke…Go Broke!

    • Though we are always sad to lose a customer, none of the charges you are making against Movement for Black Lives are backed up by facts. The founders of the movement do admit to being trained as Marxists, but that doesn’t invalidate their ideas, nor does it represent the policy platform of Movement for Black Lives as a whole, which is a large diverse organization that represents a diverse set of viewpoints.

  • Aurora

    You guys make such great soap, but I won’t buy your products again because as a consumer I would be indirectly supporting a Marxist movement. For people who think BLM is not a Marxist organization, just look at the communist fist. BLM has caused the lives of more innocent black lives than those killed by the police. BYE DR. BRONNER, I will miss your wonderful products. It’s time to make my own soaps.

  • Lynn

    So sorry to see this. If you going to help go to the neighborhoods. When you support blm group you are supporting what they are doing, burning businesses, destroying homes, hurting of people, shooting police officers & etc. Go in the community with the blessing of your finances help rebuild lives & community. I am sorry I can’t & won’t spend my hard earned finances when there you support of hurting & destroying other peoples lives, home, businesses & community. There are widows, orphans, & others that would truly love your help. If it is because you get a tax write off then find someone else doing things good. Hands of Hope, Samaritans Purse, Tim Tebow foundation…Help stop human trafficking.

    • Lynn, great thoughts on encouraging one another, and accomplishing more together as a team! Unfortunately I believe you are misinformed about Movement for Black Lives, as they do not encourage burning of businesses or shooting of police.

  • Elizabeth Shearer

    Sorry. I can’t support a company that is giving money to a known Marxist organization intent on destroying our country. I’ll use the rest of your products I already own, but you’re not getting any more of my money. Enjoy being woke and broke. 🙁

  • David

    Rafi, I don’t think you’re hearing your customers. Before you lose a significant amount of your company’s business you might want to look at the other side of the BLM narrative. Consider the following:

  • Jackie Sweitzer

    Oh man – I had my usual gallon of your peppermint soap in my cart. I am so sorry to leave you. This breaks my heart, but I will not longer support, nor recommend your product. As other posters have commented, I cannot support any movement that practices looting, burning and attacks on police. You should be ashamed!!!!

  • Larry Fleming

    I am at a loss, I love and have used your peppermint soap for years, but I will never again. I cannot in good conscious let my money support such a racist and anti American organization. I firmly believe in racial equality and that we do need to help to promote it in every legitimate way possible. But you unfortunately have been duped by this BLM hoax and it’s a shame that such a good cause as it is, is being co-opted by these anti- American Marxist. I know you don’t believe this, but ask yourself this, what black businesses have they helped? What black inner city schools have opened or helped? What if anything have they done to help the black community in any anyway? They have been over run with spoiled white adolescence that are raising money to elect the same old white men that have been at the heart of the problem since the 60’s and as I said I will not be apart of it. It’s time now, more than ever for people to follow the words of the great Reverend MLK and “Judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin”
    One day you wake up to the fact that you have chosen to be on the wrong side of history, and your founders will be ashamed.