“All-One!” Also Means Black Lives Matter

Dr. Bronner’s stands with Black Lives Matter in support of justice for George Floyd, who was killed by police last week in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A first step in overcoming systemic racism and injustice is to simply understand and admit that there is a problem. That’s why, even as a soap company, we feel the need to make this statement.

In the U.S., Black people are three times more likely to be killed by police than white people, while being 1.3 times less likely to be armed. These are not new statistics. It should not take another police murder to force our society to say enough is enough and to demand systemic change to end racial injustice and inequality. That need is long overdue. We urge our employees, customers, and other companies and businesses to proactively engage in anti-racism, and to work for racial justice.

As an act of solidarity with protests happening around the U.S., we will be donating $25,000 to a variety of organizations, both in Minnesota and nationally, that are working to end anti-Black racism and abuse. We will also continue to fund over $250,000 for criminal justice reform measures towards ending mass incarceration of people of color for low level drug offences.

Yes, all lives should matter, and we know that all lives will not matter until we acknowledge that Black lives matter. Our grandfather urgently spread the message that we are “All-One!” To us, “All-One” means that Black lives matter.

Together, we are All-One or None! Black Lives Matter!

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David and Michael Bronner

David and Michael Bronner run Dr. Bronner's together with their family. They view the company as an activist vehicle and donate both time and money to causes they believe in.

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  • jacqueline wilmarth

    This being said – My husband and I will no longer be supporting your product because you are grossly uninformed. We believe the ALL LIVES MATTER, and your cause continues to hurt those black persons, and those of other colors, including white people in their fight to become upstanding citizens rather than feeding off of pity. George Floyd was a career criminal, and continuing to be one, who was also unruly and on illegal drugs at the time of his death. Unless you’ve been one of those person who has reformed – you would not understand – and thus in our eyes you are an enabler to continued drug use, and supporting these people in unjust causes -resulting in the destruction of what it means to be an American. May you eventually find peace, and stop fueling the fire.

    • jk

      I totally agree Jacqueline well said

    • Martha Villagomez

      Hey, guess what? Doesn’t matter what a person did–cops have zero authority to murder them when they’re complying.

      Enjoy being a public bigot and racist!

      • jacqueline wilmarth

        No Police do not have the authority to murder- they are employed to PROTECT, and I am certain neither of us know the whole story. I am NOT a bigot nor a racist – If that were the case I would not have said ALL LIVES MATTER. My comment was about CEO’s of companies using this matter to capitalize. and that why I said – what I said to Dr. Bronners.

        • waraji

          You are complaining about the generous and successful social justice productive and positive CEO of an awesome soap company? Go complain to the 1000’s of other high-profile people who have supported the peaceful protests. (no, they are not all peaceful, but those are different people)

        • fran

          That’s exactly what is means. Using ALM to silence the voices of the oppressed? Racist.

      • J R 4 J

        Can’t you simply state your opinion without the childish name calling? Noone is defending the police officer for what transpired here and your rebuttal is not called for.

        • Ronin

          Sorry the time for not calling racists “racists” has come to an end. Racists are going to have to come to terms with what they are.

    • Felicity

      You’re a ridiculous racist. Dylan Roof viciously slaughtered 9 people, and was still treated with enough dignity and humanity to receive a McDonalds lunch.

      Extrajudicial execution is the penalty for drug use? Does that include alcohol? White opiate abusers? All of our favorite celebrities?

      “All lives matter” is racist. Why can’t you listen to people who are telling you they are in pain?

    • fran

      I feel so much better supporting this company knowing that people like you no longer do. It makes my decision to purchase these products that much easier.

      The destruction of what it means to be an American, huh? Someday you’ll learn what that really means. It’s very sad that you’ll have stayed on the wrong side of history throughout these historic times.

  • Leonard Curry

    Thank you for taking a stand with both words and deeds. Many businesses place their bottom lines before social issues. But, you have chosen what is good and right. You may suffer some losses but, I hope that clients like me are enough to help you overcome those losses and then some. Again, thanks for this powerful social and corporate witness.

  • Ronin

    For every racist like Jacqueline and jk you lose as a customer you will gain more customers who believe in the humanitarian vision of your company. Thank you for taking a stand for justice!

    • jk

      It has nothing to do with Racism. It has to do with Terrorism. Burning, looting, and murder by any race is not acceptable. I nor my clinic will support this type of behavior.

      • waraji

        jk, there is a video of a white man in Minneapolis, wearing all black with a gas mask and umbrella and a hammer, systematically breaking out the windows of an auto parts store and walking off. Do you really know who is doing these acts? Also, do you judge the actions of an entire ethnicity on the acts of a few people of that ethnic group?
        The Black Lives Matter that I support are not terrorists, looters, and burning or murdering.

  • craigamunson

    i love your soap. i am neutral on your black live matter belief system. i work along side blacks who are smart, dedicated, and most professional. i was also beaten, robbed, and left for dead in norfolk, va in 1982. by two black hoodlems. so does my utmost hatetred for the two black hoodlems who left me for dead make me a racist?

    • fran

      No, but this comment does. First off, “black hoodlems.” Yikes. Second, what does being black have to do with what they did to you? Third, a person being “smart, dedicated, and most professional” does not mean they have more rights than a person who YOU would not describe this way. A person is a person is a person and we all have the right to be treated like human beings. You are not neutral. You are a racist.

      • craigamunson

        you are probably right. i should have referred to the perpetrators as two hoodlums who unfortunately were two misunderstood youths who just happen to be black…

  • T Pollard

    you know what would really be a tremendous statement? adding BLACK LIVES MATTER to the label. i have used Dr. Bronner’s all my life, and think that statement would fit perfectly.

    • fran


  • Penny Williams

    Jacqueline Wilmarth you have been misinformed! Just because someone has had criminal issues in the past does not mean the police can murder him. This was a modern day lynching!

    People like you are very scary and have dangerous minds! People I stay very far away from.

    Obviously all lives don’t matter. If they did, George Floyd and so many other black men and women would be alive today!

    I truly appreciate Dr. Bronners company standing behind the movement. Many companies have and it is a God send!

    I have been using Dr. Bronner products for over ten years and will continue to do so until the day I die!

    It is so sad that you are so ignorant and have completely missed the point behind all the world protests!

  • Gordon Radix

    BLM is the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.
    They are using the name and issue ‘black lives matter’ as a front.
    It’s a Maoist organization, started in 2013 as an one of the funded, Occupy Wall Street movements.
    Their “leaders’, Garza, Cullers and Tometti, are trained Marxist organizers who have joined forces with Democrat Socialists of America, the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, ACORN (broken into smaller groups after bankruptcy), and Dream Defenders, which is financed by the SEIU, ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center, several Soros organizations.

  • fran

    Thank you, Dr. Bronner’s! BLACK LIVES MATTER.

    Thank you for not staying silent about this issue and for helping to fund efforts towards a better future for everyone.

  • Blaine

    Switched to Kirk’s for bar soap, and Vermont Soap for Liquid. I’m not supporting any company that sends money to marxist front groups. Every life matters.

  • maui


  • maui

    Seems the fact that BLM has been co-opted by arsonists, looters, rioters, and worse is a non-issue. The Green New Deal? Someone has gone down the donkey trail.
    Getting causes right, like the GMO labeling law was commendable.
    BLM or whatever it has degenerated into is proof positive that D. Bronner’s ability to assess politically loaded causes is not only suspect but useless.