Pretreating Laundry Stains with Dr. Bronner’s

Mothering for me has been a crash course in stain management.

I definitely underappreciated the relative stainlessness of my earlier adulthood.  I expected certain obvious stain culprits – ketchup, blueberries, bodily fluids.  But others took me by surprise: bananas, watermelon, smashed peas.  And then there was that time a green crayon found its way into the dryer…

All that to say, I’ve spent a lot of time on this.  And the best way I’ve found to eliminate stains is with pure Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds directly on the stain.

The earlier you can get it on, and the longer you can let it sit, the better the results.  But this has even worked on set-in stains that I’ve been slow to discover.

Check it out in this video:

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Lisa Bronner is a prolific writer, consumer advocate, and speaker on health and green lifestyle issues. She is author of the blog, “Going Green with a Bronner Mom,” and granddaughter of Dr. Emanuel Bronner, founder of Dr. Bronner’s.

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  • Jessabean

    Do you dilute it? Or pour directly from the bottle? I’ve been spraying the diluted version I use for house cleaning on stains.

    • Hi! Lisa responds:

      “It depends on the intensity or depth of the stain. For broad, light stains, I also use my regular all purpose spray. For something more set in and deep, like food spills or grass stains or grease, I put straight undiluted Sal Suds on it.”

  • Kandi Fields


    • Callie Kennedy

      Absolutely — and it doesn’t take much. less than a tablespoon in my large Speed Queen.

  • I use sal suds but not castille. Should I use both?