Standing with Immigrants and Refugees

Dr. Bronner’s was founded in the U.S. by Emanuel Bronner who, after losing his parents in the Holocaust, promoted a message of love and unity, not hate and revenge. In what he would call the “Moral ABC,” Emanuel urged us to realize our unity across religious & ethnic divides or perish: “We are All-One or None!” For Dr. Bronner, the tragic consequences of racial and religious division were all too real.

This weekend, Trump closed the country’s borders to refugees, immigrants, and documented residents from around the world based on their country of origin and implicitly, their Muslim faith. Banning people of a particular faith from entering the U.S. is against all the principles that Dr. Bronner’s is founded on. It is also un-American. As Dr. Bronner himself would have put it: “It is utter nonsense, the most destructive half-truth!”

Our company today reflects not only the mixed Jewish and Christian heritage of the Bronner family, but also Muslim leadership at our fair trade sister companies around the world: Serendipalm in Ghana (palm oil, with a largely Christian workforce and farmer base); and Serendipol in Sri Lanka (coconut oil, with a largely Buddhist workforce and farmer base). We source our olive oil from Muslim and Christian farmers in Palestine (Canaan Fair Trade), as well as Jewish, Christian and Muslim farmers in Israel (from the Strauss family farm and Sindyanna). Our company has only gained strength and ingenuity from its commitment to working across international borders and with a diversity of religious faiths.

Our American workforce here in North County San Diego is predominantly of Mexican ancestry—many are proud immigrants, just as Dr. Bronner was, living and contributing to the American dream that our founders fought for.

We are donating today $50,000 to the National Immigration Law Center—and will continue to stand with our diverse community both in the U.S. and internationally, the “children of Abraham-Israel-Baháulláh-Moses-Buddha-Jesus-Mohammed!” We are committed to Emanuel’s words: “Unite! Get done! Fear not, for we’re All-One!”

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Michael Bronner

Michael Bronner is President of Dr. Bronner’s, the grandson of company founder, Emanuel Bronner, and a fifth-generation soap maker. A philanthropist and activist, Michael is an advocate for many social and environmental justice causes advanced by the company, including Fair Trade, organic standards, farm animal protection and ocean conservation.

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  • Jessica Kimmet

    Super proud of Dr. Bronner’s for continuing their hard work on important Social Justice issues such as this!

  • Jeffrey Collis

    Filled with tears of joy, and renewed hope. Thank you for the continued, unwavering commitment to All One. <3

  • KDfrAZ

    I like being able to put my (limited) dollars where my mouth and beliefs are. Whenever possible, I do this by spending at reputable companies and with reputable companies. Your commitment to your grandfather’s magnificent ideals exemplifies why I’m glad I just re-ordered my basic-Doc-Bonner products. In fact, it’s part of why I developed basic Doctor Bonner products in the first place!

    My thanks and best wishes to your terrific family.

  • Joanna Zilsel

    Extending heartfelt thanks for your deep integrity! Note that, in my view, ‘All One’ includes all animals . . . so I am also profoundly grateful that you’ve begun to include (fabulous!) vegan recipes in your posts. Dr Bronner’s has been my only soap for decades, and I feel increasingly grateful for all that your family represents.

  • Ferlee

    This was a temporary ban put in place in order to try to improve the vetting system. I do believe the Trump administration apologized for poorly handling this and they are trying to fix this. It also was a ban on several countries not on any specific religious faith. Sealing our borders only enforces people to come to our country LEGALLY!! Having an open border is allowing people to come here and not pay taxes and/ or take the identity of someone else. We all need to have proper identification and pay our taxes to support our country and be held accountable. Of course we need and rely on immigration but it just needs to be done legally and properly. I’m sorry but I don’t think that’s being racist or prejudice.

    • Jeannette Epp

      I agree with Ferlee. I thought I read that your Grandfather became a legal citizen. That’s okay. Also I believe people should be supported in their homelands if possible/safe. I give to 3 organizations monthly who do just that. I also support the unfortunate in my own community who are citizens.

  • FeedTheGrizzly!! $15!

    All US stands with LEGAL immigrants. We oppose ILLEGAL immigration because they artificially depress wages for US citizens who pay for the burdens of corporate cheap labor.

    • Gabe Meyer

      I agree with you, Michael Bronner left out the word “illegal” when stating his company stands with immigrants, but it’s not hard to see he stands with them too. Violating US immigration law is kosher with the moral ABC’s I guess, got to get cheap labor somehow. As a descendent of legal Mexican immigrants, I don’t support rewarding illegal immigration or law breaking, I will looking for another brand to purchase now.