Dr. Bronner's "All-One!" Hemp T-Shirt - Peppermint

    Dr. Bronner's "All-One!" Hemp T-Shirt - Peppermint

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    Made in the U.S. from a blend of 60% Viscose Hemp and 40% Organic Cotton, our Hemp T-Shirts are an eco-friendly and fashionable way to show your love for Dr. Bronner's and for "Spaceship Earth." Choose from two designs ("All-One!" and "Constructive Capitalism") and four colors which represent the popular scents of our Castile Soaps (Peppermint, Lavender, Almond and Tea Tree). Our shirts are dyed using natural and biodegradable soy-based colorants. By utilizing a blend of hemp and organic cotton, and thanks to new developments in preparing and finishing the fabric, the final result is an ultra-soft, durable and comfortable shirt that you are going to love for many years!

    Please Note: These are Unisex/Men's size shirts. For women, please consider ordering one size smaller than what you normally wear for a snugger fit.


    60% Viscose Hemp and 40% Organic Cotton: Hemp is a natural, breathable fiber that keeps you cool in warmer weather and keeps you warm in colder weather, due to its porous fiber structure. Hemp is also naturally resistant to bacteria and helps wick moisture away. Organic cotton, produced without the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, is not genetically modified in any way.