Mint Oil – India

Peppermint Oil from India

Organic peppermint oil lends the refreshing scent and famous tingle to our renowned Pure-Castile Soaps. Our peppermint oil is steam-distilled from plants grown by over 500 small farmers around the town of Bareilly in northern India. The project is operated by Serendimenthe, Dr. Bronner’s sister company in India.

Serendimenthe pays farmers fair prices, including an organic premium over an already attractive market price. We also support farmers in their conversion to organic practices. From the project’s beginning, farmers have received organic compost and training to help improve their small plots – whose soils are often depleted after decades of chemical fertilizer use. The intent is to help farmers increase soil fertility and productivity and thus the long-term profitability of their farms.

Since 2007, the project has had a significant impact on the quality of life in surrounding villages. The Fair Trade premium paid by Dr. Bronner’s and other customers for the mint oil is used for a range of community development projects. These projects include the development and maintenance of a sizable composting operation providing free compost to farmers, the organization of “medical camps” with doctors and nurses who service villages that do not otherwise have access to medical care, and the installation of drinking water pumps and photovoltaic street lights.

These Fair Trade-supported community projects, which are selected by a committee with broad-based representation, are great opportunities for targeted community development projects for which there would be no funds otherwise.

With growing demand for Fair Trade and organic mint oil from Dr.Bronner’s and other customers, the project and its benefits to rural host communities will continue to expand.

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