Beeswax – Zambia

Beeswax from Zambia

Organic beeswax is a main ingredient in our Organic Lip and Body Balms.

For over 1,000 beekeepers living in the sensitive Miombo woodlands of northwestern Zambia, traditional beehives may be the best way to save the forests and provide for their needs at the same time. Logging, mining and slash-and-burn agriculture are destructive, but beekeeping earns them money while protecting their beloved forests and the diversity of plants and animals within them.

Dr. Bronner’s and Sambah Naturals, a company founded by U.S.-based philanthropists which is involved in several development projects in Zambia, have partnered with these beekeepers to bring their Fair Trade and organic honey and beeswax to Western markets. In doing so, they are helping to build communities through projects supporting local schools and improving access to clean water.

Sambah Naturals has also organized workshops to familiarize farmers with other, more efficient beehive designs and the appropriate beekeeping and harvesting practices that will ensure project sustainability. We ensure that queen bees are not prematurely killed, as is sometimes done in large-scale beekeeping operations to maximize yield. Just like the other projects from which Dr. Bronner’s buys its raw materials, Sambah Naturals is certified organic and Fair Trade (“Fair for Life”) by the respected Swiss certifier IMO.